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Outcome-Based Pedagogic Principles for Effective Teaching 

There is rising awareness regarding the shortcomings of the traditional methods of education. This includes memorization learning techniques, rot-based learning methods, learning focused on getting grades and degrees, and other methods which make the students incapable of being able to fulfill the industry requirements.  

Further, rising digitization and adoption of new technologies in various sectors demands a skilled and learned workforce that will be able to learn new concepts and technologies. Hence, the institutes need to offer that level of teaching to the students to make them ready for future opportunities in organizations for jobs and research.
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The institutes need to adopt new methods of teaching, advanced infrastructure, equipment, and faculty members to make the students ready for future opportunities. Hence, the institutes are moving towards adopting new educational approaches. One of them is outcome-based education in which the expected outcome is defined at the beginning of the course.

What is Outcome-Based Education?

Outcome-based education is a method of teaching-learning in which the student is evaluated based on the expected outcome which is defined to them at the beginning of the course. 
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The main purpose of outcome-based education is to build skills, concepts, and cognitive abilities among the students. It encourages the students to focus on building other skills such as teamwork, professionalism, and emotional understanding to make them ready for the future.

The basic goal of outcome-based education is to help students develop skills, concepts, and cognitive abilities. It encourages students to concentrate on developing other abilities such as cooperation, professionalism, and emotional awareness in order to prepare them for the future.

Here are the Outcome-Based Pedagogic Principles for Effective Teaching in institutes.

Teaching‐Learning Arrangements and Methods – 

The infrastructure of the institutes plays a major role in the progress of the institute. The rising digitization in the education sector and introduction of NEP 2020 has made it mandatory for the institute to integrate technology into education. Further, the aim of increasing admissions and educating more students in the country makes it important for the institutes to offer e-learning courses and programs for students located in remote locations. 
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E-learning requires delivering virtual classes to the students, conducting online exams, online admissions, fees collection, and several other management aspects. This needs the institutes to implement online ERP solutions which will enable easy communication, exam conduction, and evaluation. 

 Relationship with Pupils- 

Faculty members and teachers play an important role in student learning. The teacher guides the student throughout their course tenure and makes sure that the student is on the right path of desired outcome. The teacher focuses on understanding the strengths and weaknesses of students and helps them focus on their shortcomings. 

The teacher’s classroom relationship and atmosphere with the students should be pleasant. The student must be willing to come to the class every day. They should feel welcomed in the class. They must feel appreciated and heard by the teachers and their peers. The teacher should create an atmosphere where the students feel comfortable sharing their ideas and asking doubts and discussing topics in the classroom. 


 Learning Environment- 

Further, this also affects their attendance as they might not feel like coming to the classroom. 

A student’s relationship with the teacher also plays an important role in improving the learning environment. 

The relationship between a student and his or her teacher is also vital in strengthening the learning environment.

General Educational Principles – 

Enabling basic educational principles in the institutes encourages teaching-learning with new technologies and skill development methods. It helps the students to learn based on the required outcomes and enables constant evaluation. 

Teaching-learning using new technologies and skill development approaches is encouraged by enabling basic educational ideas in institutes. It enables pupils to learn by focusing on the desired results and allows for continuous assessment.

Self-motivation – The students should be interested and self-motivated to learn new things and must take the initiative to learn

Critical Thinking – The students must be able to adopt critical thinking in their daily lives on different concepts and ideas. 

21st Century SkillsThe students should be sound with new technologies and innovations as required in the 21st century. 

Expected Skills and Attitudes-

The outcome-based education defines the expected outcomes of the course at its beginning. The students work towards developing those concepts and skills over their course period.

At the start of a course, outcome-based education specifies the expected outcomes. Over the course of the course, the students work to improve such concepts and skills.

OBE also expects the students to develop certain attitudes and skills such as professionalism, problem-solving, emotional understanding, and cognitive development. Hence, the student is ready for new opportunities in the future. 


Outcome-based education is a new teaching-learning method that enables the students with new concepts and ideas and makes them ready for industry requirements and opportunities in the future. It also helps the students in the overall development of personality in the future. 


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