Polishing Wooden Grain Flooring – The Do’s And Don’ts To Keep In Mind

Old wooden floors need proper maintenance. The top surface of the flooring may develop micro-stains and scratches with time. In most cases, these are not noticeable. The stains can affect the sheen of the flooring. 

You need to sand and polish the flooring consistently. You can hire expert wooden flooring wellington services. Professional wooden flooring polishing experts can help retain the natural sheen of the floor.

Hire an expert team

To get started, it is helpful to hire an expert team. If you want to carry out the DIY activity, then proper preparation is important. If you have never accomplished this task before, then you are still unaware of the preparation part.

Hiring experts is the right alternative. Professionals have their plan of action ready with them. This is why they always deliver the best results. They are aware of the right technique that they have to use for different types of wood grain flooring.

The Do’s you need to follow

  1. Proper measurement

Do keep in mind to take proper measurements before getting started. It is important to calculate the total coverage area of the floor. Based on your calculations you will have to arrange for the polish and other raw materials. 

  1. Do clean the floor

It is not a good idea to polish the floor unless the wooden planks are clean. This means that you may have to wash the wooden floor tiles before the polishing process. You also have to vacuum the floor tiles so no dust or debris is left behind. It is advisable to use quality detergent or cleaning powder to clean the wooden planks.

  1. Clear the room

How do you expect to repair and polish the wooden floor, if the room is already occupied by the furniture and carpet? Before you get started with the polishing task, ensure the furniture and other things have been moved out of the room.

Do not take chances by simply changing the location of the furniture in the same room. The room should be clear.

  1. Use cleaning pads

It is certainly important to scrub the floor tiles. This action will remove the stains and scratches to a certain extent. It is more effective if you have selected the right grade cleaning pads. Check with the material quality before you purchase.

The don’ts to keep in mind

  1. Don’t use old polish

Like any home cleaning solvent, floor polish will also have its expiry date printed on it. The polish may contain wax mixed with cleaning solvent. This is why it is important to check the expiry dates in advance. 

If the polish is a year old, then avoid using it. You may not get the desired results. Purchase a new polish every year if you have to polish the wood grain floor.

  1. Don’t apply a thick layer

When polishing the floor, you should avoid applying a thick layer. It may take time to dry. The polish can also easily peel off when washed.

The task is important and so; ensure you hire the best team. If you are not used to the DIY task, then avoid it. 

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