“Review: Gaming Done Right with the AED Studio Gaming Desk”

Want the complete gaming experience? Total immersion, maximum convenience? This studio desk makes standard gaming desks look primitive.

Overall Grade: A

Why to Get It:

·       Fantastic price—just read on to learn all you’ll get for a more-than-reasonable $379.99 (which puts competing gaming desks as well as studio desks to shame)

·       Great design and size—as good a gaming desk as it is a comprehensive workstation

·       Lots of room—a wide desktop; storage space created by the monitor shelves as well as additional storage space underneath the desk

·       Clever RGB feature—RGB lighting (controllable) installed into bottom of monitor shelves, opening up many cool mood-setting opportunities

·       Keyboard tray—rotatable to adjust to your position; maximizes the desktop surface space by not taking up any

·       A complete product—cable management, cupholder, headphone hook, dual slots for your iPad or tablet, and more

If it feels like gaming setups have gotten a little stale of late, allow me to introduce you to something fresh.

It’s not every day that a gaming desk comes along with something to prove. Being real for a second… RGB lights don’t impress as much as they once did. Let’s all just accept that. Gaming desk producers have to try a lot harder, have to come up with more original ideas, to catch the eye of gamers nowadays—and, for us gamers, that’s a good thing. The market has demanded innovations. The AED 72 Inch Studio Gaming Desk, by my estimation, has more than delivered.

In my research I also had the opportunity to study other competing desks and give them test-drives. Where relevant, I cited these for comparison to the AED, which I concluded to be the finest gaming desk out of all I looked at. In the three categories I consider integral to an exceptional gaming desk (and gaming experience), the AED ranked very high.

Design (Grade: A)

The AED 72 Inch Studio Gaming Desk is extremely large (seventy-two inches across, and that’s not accounting for the desktop depth and plentiful legroom underneath), with plenty of surface space to work. It’s incredibly sturdy, being able to support 400lbs, and is mega-convenient compared to its competitors owing, in large part, to its unique structure. Two monitor shelves are built in to accommodate bigger setups—perfect for those who want to game or need to work with multiple monitors. Thanks to the centralized design of the AED 72 Inch Studio Gaming Desk, I can access everything I need quickly and easily regardless of what I’m up to.

Compared to the Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk, which has proven popular among consumers, the AED outperforms it in literally every category but especially in design. While the Arena Gaming Desk utilizes a recognizable design, the AED declares boldness and a fearlessness to take gaming setups to the next level. The Arozzi might also come with a full-surface mousepad, but it’s also ten inches shorter across and less than $50 cheaper than the AED… with only a smattering of the same features.

(Caption: The Arozzi Arena Gaming Desk from Arozzi.)

This singular design sets the AED apart from gaming desks and studio desks that come at around the same size. This plus its awesome size make it great for working, creating, gaming. It’s big enough to accommodate multiple monitors and gaming peripherals, and has a sleek aesthetic that not only makes it stand out from the crowd but makes it look great in any setting. A natural focal point for any room reserved for leisure or work.

Experience (Grade: A)

I find nothing more comfortable than a cozy nook. The AED 72 Inch Studio Gaming Desk creates its own nook for me, so I don’t have to limit my gaming setup to corner areas to get that effect. It gives a feeling of snugness, which I very much appreciate and look for in a proper gaming desk.

(Caption: The Fredde from Ikea.)

There are desks such as the Fredde (Ikea), which admittedly rocks a distinctive look that begs further investigation. Marketed as a gaming desk (and marked in the same price range as the AED), it bears little resemblance to gaming desks. And while that’s something we’re kind of looking for, this is an example of how to do it wrong. The desk would make a splendid workstation, but for gaming? I’m having a hard time imagining feeling the energy sitting down at that big slab. Its design is so obviously impractical for gamers that you have to squint to see it as a gaming desk. One thing it does give, that I like a lot, though, is—again—a sense of snugness.

But just because I like my snugness doesn’t mean I don’t like to party. The AED 72 Inch Studio Gaming Desk brings the party just as well as it brings the cozy. It comes with controllable RGB lighting, conveniently giving your gaming setup an otherworldly feel sure to enhance your immersion. And you don’t have to worry about getting so lost in the game that you forget to take care of yourself—this desk comes with plenty of organizational perks and storage management features to keep your space tidy without you constantly monitoring it in fear of a gathering mess.

… This is to say nothing of other cool accessories including a cupholder, headphone hooks, a controller stand, slots for your tablet or e-reader, and more. The AED 72 Inch Studio Gaming Desk comes with a number of handy features that make gaming or working more convenient.

To add to the comfort is a full-length mousepad—micro-woven, soft to the touch, and finely stitched around the edges. Convenience, vibes, and user-friendliness abound, culminating in the quintessential gaming setup experience.

Materials (Grade: A, literally)

Just by looking at the design, you get the strong impression that the materials back it up. The frame, including the unique leg structure, is composed entirely from cold rolled steel—the finest there is when it comes to stuff to make long-lasting furniture with. The AED 72 Inch Studio Gaming Desk is made from non-toxic and non-hazardous materials that are compliant with all manufacturing regulations—so you can game with a clear conscience.

(Caption: The VIT T-Shape Gaming Desk from Vitesse.)

You may at first find yourself drawn to gaming desks like VIT T-Shape Gaming Desk (Vitesse) because its dimensions are more or less in the range you seek and the price is way low. Pump the brakes—there’s a reason behind that $199 price tag… and it has nothing to do with virtue. The legs boast a slightly different design than what you’re used to seeing, but they’re hollow and thin. The materials are clearly of a lower standard—which unfortunately happens to be the “standard” standard among gaming desk producers these days.

The AED values the details. Even the smaller things about the AED—such as the keyboard tray—prove they’re built to take a beating. The keyboard tray, large enough to hold a keyboard and mouse, is attached to the main structure. I’ve bumped it numerous times, yanked it around, and it still stays attached and looks just fine. So, not only does that part make work and play easier, but I can also count on it to stick around (I was skeptical at first).

In conclusion, the AED 72 Inch Gaming Studio Desk backs up the talk—it’s a studio desk good enough to be a gaming desk (or the other way around?), and it’s hopefully giving precedent to new innovations in gaming desk design.

Any cons in this review? There’s the common complaint (which I’ve had with previous desks I reviewed from other companies, as well as read in gamer reviews) about the instruction manual. The manual is written in inconsistent English and has some confusing illustrations, but it really didn’t hinder me in figuring it out. The only thing that was a pain was the time it took to assemble the whole thing. Given the size of the AED, you kinda gotta expect that.

As other gaming desks have stagnated with respect to their features and overall quality, this one from Eureka Ergonomic seems to be aiming to push the envelope. I welcome that. We need new blood, and we need new vision.

Flatly put—the AED comes at an outstanding price for a gaming desk considering all that comes with it. It’s more than likely that not taking advantage will lead to major regrets. https://eurekaergonomic.com/gaming-desk

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