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Rookie tiling mistakes and how to avoid them

Planning to lay the tiles in the dining room and all the bathrooms? Sounds simple, right? Nope, tiling is easy enough when it comes to DIY projects but one small, itsy-bitsy, tiny mistake can mess up the final finish. And if this is your first time, you would be better off, leaving it to the professionals. But if you are determined to lay the tiles and the grout, all on your own – then you need to check out the rest of the post, as it lists out some of the common rookie mistakes most homeowners make. Check them out.

Get the right ones

When it comes to tiling in Auckland, the first thing that you need to do is to shop for tiles. And it is so easy to go wrong here with so many varieties to choose from and each one with an innovative design. So when you head over to the tile shop, select the design you prefer, then choose the material for your tile. It can range from porcelain to ceramic.

And keep in mind that you need to have the exact layout of the floor as in area sq-feet to estimate the tiles that would be required to cover the floor. Only then, you would be able to estimate the expense and always allow for some extras, as tiles are notoriously easy to crack apart. Just make sure that you choose the right ones and you should be set for the next stage of the process.

Prep the floor

And this part generally includes thoroughly cleaning the floor and removing all dust and grime. You would also need to draw up the design you are planning and strategize accordingly. Make sure that at the end of the day, you use a firm underlayment beneath the tiles you are planning to lay, as this should help prevent the tiles from cracking.

Simply laying the tiles on the floor without any underlayment will cause it to crack which is all the more reason that you need to get the floor prepped before you begin the tiling process. And that’s why it may be a good idea to hire a professional contractor who would have advised you regarding the tiles to use as well as the underlayment. But since you are determined to go ahead on your own, make sure you research the topic very well and learn all you can, about laying tiles.

The design matters

Rather than haphazardly apply the tiles, it would make sense to lay it out diagonally along with a pre-set pattern. Just make sure that you follow the directions and always start with the center tile first and then, lay the other tiles in the same layout line. And as you continue with the other lines, just make sure that they are straight and follow the design pattern carefully. You can also use a straightedge to ensure that the ties are lined correctly.

Get top-quality grout

When it comes to purchasing grout, make sure that you purchase good-quality grout. If you end up trying to save money by skimping on good quality and instead opting for lousy ones, you’ll find that the tiles do not adhere well to the floor.

More than that, they can cause your tiles to crack and even break from the floor. This is why you must always ensure that you purchase good quality grout to get the perfect finish for laying your tiles.

These are some of the mistakes that homeowners often make when laying out new tiles in their homes.

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