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Safety Tips After Getting Tulsa Windshield Replacement

Windshields are an important component in any car because it holds all the other components together. It helps in maintaining the integrity of the vehicle. It is also important from the point of view of the safety of the driver and passengers. But windshields can get damaged easily because of the exposure of the vehicle to dirt, dust, twigs, and extreme temperature.

In such cases, you need to go for Tulsa windshield replacement you can get the best services there. But with every damage comes a cost. You have to follow certain safety measures once the replacement work is done so that the windshield is sturdy.

You will be amazed to know that a car professional in Tulsa windshield replacement service can fix the windshield within a few minutes but you need to leave the car service for 24 hours to set.

In case you have to drive your car to the parking space you still have to be very cautious in the process. A few tips that you should follow in case you go for a new windshield.

  1. You cannot drive for at least an hour once you get your windshield fixed- This is one of the most important safety measures that you need to follow because urethane requires some extra time to dry so that it can function for a long time. You can allow the vehicle to stay in the garage for 2-3 hours. After an hour, the urethane sets significantly but it is better that you allow time so that the windshield doesn’t fall off. It is suggested that you postpone your drive because once you opt for the Tulsa windshield replacement service, the windshield takes some time to settle.
  2. Don’t let unnecessary pressure hit your car shield- The car windows and windshields have to face a lot of pressure in the summer season. So it is advised to keep your windows open. This will allow the pressure formed inside to release from the car. The gaseous pressure formed inside the car leads to cracks and chips. You can consider Tulsa windshield replacement service for your vehicle in case you want to go for a trustworthy service.
  3. Do not bang doors- when you get the windshield of your car replaced, you have to keep away any superfluous weight changes. You can do this by shutting away the entryways of the vehicle and keeping it away from potholes and rough patches. During the initial few days, you have to be very careful with your drive and the area in which you are driving. Don’t drive in any construction area or areas where roads are bumpy.
  4. Avoid cash wash for at least a day- Car washing is one of the most important ways to keep your car maintained. It not improves vehicle health but keeps your car new. But it can prove dangerous if done immediately after getting Tulsa windshield replacement service done. You shouldn’t get your car washed for at least 24 hours after the replacement work. Also, avoid getting your car washed in the service centers because they use high-speed water to remove dirt from every corner. The newly pasted windshield might not be able to stand the impact of the water flow. The water might also loosen the adhesive and penetrate the corner. This might also destroy the retention tapes that are used to hold the windshield. If you can avoid car washing for 3 days you should, but 24 hours is a standard time.

Driving to the next station immediately after a windshield replacement is done

The replacement of the windshield of a luxury car takes more time while non-luxurious cars take less time. The professionals do this work in their most convenient ways. But this doesn’t mean that you can drive your car immediately after the replacement of the windshield is done. You should allow the windshield to settle for at least 3 days. Also, it is better to leave your car at the car repair station for an hour.

You can drive slowly to your home and let the car rest for some time. This will allow the adhesive enough time to stay and become strong. The retention tapes that are used to seal every corner also become strong if they get time to rest. The experts examine every corner of your car that needs extensive repair and come up with the best feasible solution depending upon the situation of your vehicle. They never misguide you or do lose work.


It is important that you get proper information once you have taken Tulsa windshield replacement services. The professional service providers in Tulsa advise you regarding important precautionary measures that you need to take post-installation of the windshield. Also, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask the experts in case you have any queries. The service providers in Tulsa offer guaranteed services.

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