SEO: natural referencing at the service of your business

SEO: natural referencing at the service of your business

For a physical business, the location of its store is of paramount importance in the traffic generated and therefore in the resulting turnover. Natural referencing or SEO is what ensures the long-term and sustainable visibility of your website. Your company’s website can therefore become an important source of leads. For this reason, it is important to fully understand the usefulness of seo companies belfast and above all to understand its role in increasing a company’s turnover.

Natural referencing: what is it?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization or natural referencing.

Natural referencing is the performance of a set of actions that improve the position held by its website among the results displayed by search engines, in response to a request. Unlike SEA ( Search Engine Advertising ) which requires paying search engines (and Google in particular) to appear among the best results, SEO is the result of a natural process, substantive work that is part of the long term.

It is more concretely about all the techniques implemented to optimize a website as well as its close environment. In other words, SEO is a precise science that can seduce search engine algorithms. Thanks to good technical, semantic, and external optimization, your website could see its ranking improve. This is ultimately one of the keys to getting to the top of Google results and driving traffic seo specialist belfast.

SEO: how does it work?

SEO is divided into two different parts :

  1. On-site: managed from within the website.
  2. Off-site: managed from outside the website.

On-site referencing

This type of referencing designates all the actions carried out to optimize the website from the inside.

We then speak of internal referencing, which involves optimization:

  • Technical: the display speed of the pages of the website, the HTML structure, the meta-description tags and the Titles, the tree structure and internal mesh, etc.
  • Semantics: the quality of written content and images, the variety of wordings offered, the uniqueness of the latter, etc.

Many other elements can also be optimized, but those mentioned above constitute the main stages of an on-site seo companies belfast.

Offsite SEO

This is the optimization implemented outside the site, to improve its notoriety. Off-site referencing refers to the net linking strategy put in place.

Netlinking is all the hypertext links pointing to a website, from other very well-known sites, or other small but very specialized sites, always linked to the same field of activity. These sites are called spots. It is the hypertext links that will determine in the eyes of Google whether the website concerned is relevant since other web pages refer to it.

If the referring sites are of high quality, the Google algorithm makes sure to move the website up in the search results. The purpose of this strategy is to capture part of the notoriety of the spots to benefit the site to be optimized.

The links taken into account for a net linking strategy are of two types:

  1. Backlinkspaying links referring directly to the optimized site, present on other sites relevant to the general theme of the basic website.
  2. Link baits: natural and free links directly to the optimized site, aroused by the interest of Internet users for a given site, which they can quote in a comment, for example.

These natural links are the most difficult to obtain.

To define a relevant net linking strategy, it is necessary to ensure the right balance between the quantity and the quality of the links. A multitude of links pointing to sites unrelated to the one to be optimized or to poor-quality sites will have no added value for the off-site referencing of said site. In the same way, hyper qualitative links, but in too low quantity, will be insufficient to improve the natural referencing of the site concerned.

What is the interest of SEO for my company’s website?

A well-crafted SEO campaign can bring many benefits to a business. Internet being the leading medium today, a company has everything to gain by being not only present but very visible. It is this visibility that will help generate traffic and therefore boost sales.

All the techniques that can be put in place to improve the natural referencing of its website are part of a long-term approach. For this approach to be sustainable, it must always be qualitative. Thus, SEO companies in Belfast is based on the quality of the content created and strictly respect the recommendations and good practices defined by Google.

The actions carried out must be natural and healthy, which is widely appreciated by the search engine. In the long term, these practices will therefore not be called into question, and therefore not sanctioned during an update of the search engine algorithms. We then speak of the ” white hat ” to define these quality practices that comply with Google’s guidelines.

It is only on this condition that the natural referencing of a website can be part of a sustainable long-term vision. At the same time, it helps the company whose website is a showcase to ensure regular traffic and a corresponding turnover.

This approach also prevents the company concerned from being financially dependent on Google and/or other search engines. Indeed, unlike a SEA approach, natural referencing does not require paying regularly and periodically to ensure good visibility of its website.

SEO companies Belfast, a technical job?

Natural referencing is a technique that should be mastered correctly to make relevant use of it. Google requires compliance with about 350 rules so that the natural referencing of a website can be done in the right way. Among these rules, about 250 are well known. The discovery of the other 100 falls within the expertise and know-how of the SEOs, who are responsible for getting to know them through the exercise of their profession.

This is why SEO requires real expertise, where professionals are constantly working on new techniques for optimizing websites. It will be a question, once all the rules have been mastered, of articulating them in such a way as to build THE right strategy for THE right company. Thus, to facilitate the definition of an effective tailor-made strategy, it is necessary to establish an SEO technical audit, a competitive benchmark and an 

opportunity study.

The SEO company’s Belfast audit and the competitive benchmark will shed light on a certain number of indicators. In addition, it helps to identify areas for improvement and strengths of a website. Thus, it is possible to define specific actions that will optimize the performance of this site and achieve the objectives of the company it represents.

The SEO audit, the competitive benchmark and the study of opportunities will make it possible to study, among other things:

  • The relevant queries according to the theme of the website and the field of activity of the company
  • The study of developments in search engine algorithms
  • The loading time of the pages of the site
  • The bounce rate
  • The analysis of log files allows knowing if search engines visit the website
  • The study of the digital strategies of direct and indirect competitors
  • The market share of competitors in terms of traffic
  • Identify opportunities for keywords on which it is relevant to position yourself, etc.

In summary, why choose to implement a good SEO strategy for my business?

Search engines, and Google, in particular, are response engines: when an Internet user makes a request, Google brings him what seems to him to be the best answer to his question. Search engines are also artificial intelligence.

This is why Google works thanks to algorithms that will scan the indexed websites, and offer them or not, among the best results. This analysis will focus on the technique of the site, its semantics, and its net linking. Well-executed optimizations allow the site to meet Google’s requirements and therefore appear at the top of the results.

Concretely, a good SEO strategy can bring to your company’s site:

  • Good natural positioning on search engines
  • Quality traffic: traffic brought by good natural positioning
  • A better conversion rate: since the more traffic you generate, the more leads you generate and you increase your chances of selling your product or service
  • Sustainable visibility: if the approach is carried out in strict compliance with Google’s instructions, its results will be long-term and sustainable
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