Seven Reasons Why You Should Switch Over To An Electric Boiler

We all have been using gas boilers for a very long time. These appliances use natural gas to produce heat for central heating and provide hot water for residential purposes. Natural gas, even though it is a good fuel, is very limited and not at all kind to the environment. It is a fossil fuel and thus releases carbons into the atmosphere.

The best alternative to gas boilers is electric boilers. If you want to save the environment, an electric boiler is an excellent solution. This appliance uses electricity as an energy source. Thus switching to an electric combi boiler for smaller homes could well be worth considering.

 Why Should I Switch Over To An Electric Combi Boiler?

 There are various factors that attract us towards an electric combi boiler. Here are a few of them:

  1. These boilers are compact in size and are the best for a small home with limited space. The electric combi boilers will fit easily in narrow spaces where you previously were struggling to fit a gas boiler.
  2. You do not need gas, oil or petrol to run an electric boiler, as they use electricity as an energy source. Thus, they are a suitable choice to reduce energy bills and protect the environment. 
  3. Electric boilers do not emit CO2; thus, they cause less air pollution. So, if your house gets power from renewable sources of energy such as solar cells, then you can completely go green. 
  4. Electric boilers are preferred in a high-rise because they do not need a flue (a pipe that carries exhaust gases outside the home). So installing a gas boiler on, let us say the 10th floor of a building, is a costly affair, as you have to install scaffolding to fix the flue. However, if you choose electric combi boilers, there is no such issue as it does not need a flue.
  5. With advancements in technology, electric combi systems have become more efficient. These boilers are silent, and you will not hear any hissing, buzzing, or other weird noises that gas boilers make. 
  6. The cost of electric boilers is more than that of gas boilers. Even then, they are more cost-effective than gas boilers. Here are a few reasons which make electric gas boilers more affordable:
  • The cost of electric combi boiler installation is similar to the gas boiler.
  • The cost of electricity is more than gas. However, an electric boiler uses half the energy it requires to heat the water. Also, if you use renewable energy such as solar energy, this cost goes further down. 
  • Gas boilers require servicing every year. However, this is not in the case of an electric combi boiler. In an electric combi boiler, there are no mechanical parts. Therefore these machines do not require regular maintenance or repairs. It means you can save on labour costs and yearly maintenance costs. You just pay for using the energy consumed and not wasting any of it. 
  1. One of the main advantages of an electric combi boiler is that these are safer than gas boilers. It is because there are zero risks of carbon monoxide leak, which may happen in a gas boiler due to serious faults. 


Electric boilers are more efficient than gas boilers. Also, when electric boilers use solar energy, they become more cost-effective and are a great way to lower the carbon footprint. Even though gas boilers are a good option for smaller homes, an electric boiler is well worth considering.

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