Suggest everyone: No matter how thrifty, these 5 items in the home should be replaced frequently. If you don’t understand, you can take a look.

Many people’s homes are dirty and messy because of their own laziness, which looks awkward and uncomfortable to live in.

If you want your life to be more refined, we must learn to “break up” and throw away the useless things in time.

Sometimes a small home item may affect our health.


Toothbrushes are a must-have cleaning item in our lives, but many people do not replace them in time.

You can check yourself to see if the toothbrush has yellowed or fried hair. If you continue to use it, it will affect your health, so don’t take it seriously.

We always habitually place the toothbrush directly above the toilet, because the space is humid and bacteria grow.

The top of your toothbrush will definitely become dirty. I recommend that you replace it every three months or so, and place the toothbrush in a dry and ventilated place to avoid mold growth.


The rag is a household item that is often used in our lives. Many people do not replace it once a year, thinking that it is enough to wash it when it is dirty.

But you will find that after using the rag for a period of time, it will become greasy, it is very difficult to clean, and most importantly, it will release bacteria, which will seriously affect your home life.

I suggest everyone, the rag needs to be thrown away after more than half a year of use, we can buy [kitchen decontamination wipes]!

This kind of wet wipes is very easy to use. It has its own decontamination ingredients, which can quickly clean the dirt in the kitchen, save trouble and effort, and can be thrown away after use, and there is no need to worry about the breeding of bacteria.

Decontamination wipes can quickly decompose oily stains, and most importantly, they can release a light fragrance.

It can cover all the fumes in the kitchen, making it more and more convenient for you to cook. You can try it.


Chopsticks are the items we must use when we cook, but they are also the most easily overlooked home .

Some people can use a pair of chopsticks for a long time, and they are all moldy and black, and they are not willing to replace them.

Under normal circumstances, chopsticks need to be replaced if they have been used for more than three months, otherwise a lot of bacteria will appear.

In particular, Aspergillus flavus is very harmful to our body, so don’t be careless.


In the eyes of many people , only things that are completely broken will be eliminated, just take our commonly used towels!

Because you use it for a long time, the towel will definitely turn yellow, and a large number of mites may breed on it, and you need to replace it in time.

In order to better protect the skin, I suggest everyone to try the easy-to-use [Face Towel]!

With this face towel, you can avoid problems and protect your skin. You can try it.

You only need to wet it a few times to achieve the water absorption effect. In addition to being used as a face towel, it can also be wiped elsewhere, and I can’t live without it once I use it.

You can see the effect before and after use, it is really good, because it is made of pure cotton, which is very skin-friendly.

I especially like to use it to remove makeup, it’s clean and hygienic, and it makes you feel better the more you use it. Shop now using Bargain Fox discount code, Charles Bentley Discount Codes, and Amazon Promo Code NHS at NordicTrack Discount Code


The flexibility is very strong, and there is no problem in pulling it back and forth. After wiping your face, you can also use it to deal with the dirt in other places, and truly realize the multi-purpose of one thing.

After each wash, directly use the face wash to gently press a few times on the face to easily help you solve the problem .

Never worry about towels hurting our skin again.

If you are still using dirty towels at home, you can try this good thing. What do you think?


Pillow is an object that we must touch when we sleep. Don’t ignore it. Due to long-term use, there will be sweat and grease on it. If you can’t clean it in time, it will definitely breed mites. A pillow is a huge cushion support for the head or different pieces of the body, generally utilized while dozing on a bed, or for the body as utilized on a sofa or seat.

If it turns yellow, just replace it

Superman summary:

The life concept of “Duan She Li” is very important. You can learn from it and learn from it, which can make your life more and more comfortable. I wonder what everyone thinks?

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