Tech Tips – Keyboard Shortcuts to Use While Typing Your Coursework Assignments

As students, you have a lot of writing to complete. But unlike the decades prior, most students these days do not use a pen and paper. There are fewer notebooks in classrooms today for several reasons. For example, using paper may add to global warming and pollution. But another reason why many students don’t use books and paper is the rise in technological advancements. These have put computers in the hands of many students worldwide. Thus, ensuring typing is the way forward.

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But are students really using their keyboards effectively? Or are there any shortcuts you can use while typing to improve your efficiency? Our professional coursework help writers might have the answer! So, let’s go over the most useful keyboard shortcuts and find out which ones you can use to improve your work.

What Are Keyboard Shortcuts for students?

Keyboard shortcuts are easy enough to understand. After all, they’ve seemingly been around forever. But how can we define them? Fortunately, there is an answer our professional coursework help team has found. Keyboard shortcuts are one or more keys people use to perform common functions in programs or operating systems.

Basically, they’re a combination of keys you can press to do specific actions on your computer. These are designed to manoeuvre through your system or perform complex actions without using your mouse. Thus, saving you some time with your work processes.

Why Should Students Use or Learn Keyboard Shortcuts?

Our professional coursework help service recommends using keyboard shortcuts for various reasons. We’ve created a list to show you the benefits.

  • It makes using your computer easier while working
  • Shortcuts allow students to be faster and more productive while working
  • Reduces stress by keeping your hands on the keyboard instead of moving back and forth between the mouse
  • Helps students perform difficult tasks that require mouse input
  • Keyboard shortcuts work with many programmes, not only windows and text applications

Now you know the benefits of using keyboard shortcuts. But what shorts should students pay attention to? Let’s go over a few of the top choices.

What Are the Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Students?

Whether you come to our team for research proposal writing or professional coursework help, you will always need to know some keyboard shortcuts. Below are a few our writers find useful for students who type a lot.


We’re sure most students are aware of the basics, like copying text. But if you’re unaware, this function allows copying text highlighted by the cursor. It’s useful for moving text from one section to another part of your document. In addition, it can also help you duplicate words in cases where you need repetition.

But how do you copy the data you need? Well, that’s simple! Press the button combination Ctrl + C to copy any text you highlight. That way, you can simply move the data wherever you need it.

Students should note this doesn’t just work with text applications. You can use this shortcut to copy any files on your system too! So, make sure you use it well.


If you copy files, you’re going to need to paste them. Therefore, the two commands go hand in hand. That’s why we suggest students learn this shortcut as well. Not only does it save time by taking out the right-click step, but you also use your hands less.

So, what’s the command to paste the text or files we copy? It’s easy! Simply press these two keys: Ctrl + V.

That way, you’ll copy and paste things much faster than you did with your mouse. Can you even imagine going back to right-clicking copy and paste?


We understand copy and paste. But what if I have to move something permanently? How do I cut and paste it? Students will need to make extensive use of the cut command while typing. This is because they will need to format and move text around. Therefore, it’s extremely important for any student typing to know this one.

So, what is it? Just press: Ctrl + X to cut text, files, and more. Then, you can paste your content anywhere you like.

Select All and Select

How will you copy, cut and paste anything if you can’t select it first? That’s why our professional coursework help writers are here to tell you how you can highlight and select files with shortcuts. Students can use this to avoid touching their mouse at all. So, while you’re typing, use the following command to select whatever text or files you need.

What’s the shortcut? Just press the following commands: Shift + Arrow Keys.

Students should note a few things for this command. Firstly, different Arrow keys highlight different volumes of text. So, if you press left and right, you’ll highlight one letter at a time. But if you press Shift + up or down, you’ll select the entire line.

Also, this command can be combined with Ctrl to select words too.

But how do you select all? Well, that’s simply Ctrl + A.


Using the above commands is fine. But what do you do if you make an error? That’s something most students never think about when they can simply backspace. But perhaps you want to save time when typing. That’s why the Undo shortcut exists. Using it allows students to quickly remove the mistake they just made instead of reaching for the mouse or backspace key.

How do you Undo mistakes? Press Ctrl + Z and remove any errors.

Students should note pressing this multiple times can remove previous changes to your files. So, please be careful while using it.

Switch Tabs

The next shortcut isn’t so much about typing as it is for improving how you work.

Students often have to use many applications while working online or on their computers. That’s why knowing how you can quickly move between the tabs is important. That way, you can see what programs are running and which tasks you want to work on.

Hold down your Alt key and tap the Tab key to choose the different screens you want to access. Students who need to multitask should use this effectively.

Switch Windows

Now, this command is an extension of the previous one. While switching tabs works well, it only functions by letting you cycle your open windows and tabs. But what if you want to move back and forth between two specific windows without wasting time?

In that case, students can use the switch windows command that lets you pick individual open applications in your taskbar. It’s done by pressing the Windows Key + the numbers above your keyboard.

Each number from 1-9 represents one of the open applications on your taskbar. So, you can arrange the open apps. Then, use this command to swap between the ones you use most frequently.


One thing everyone is familiar with is screenshots. After all, we take them every day with our phones. However, taking screenshots on your computer might be a little more tricky.

Most people use the snipping tool. Unfortunately, that requires the user to use their mouse and click around to take the screenshot. But there’s one problem. That’s not efficient when you’re typing. So, what should students do when they need to type a lot? They use the screenshot command on windows.

First, press the Windows Key + Prt Sc button. That will allow you to save a screenshot of your current screen. Students can use this while working to save an image quickly.

Other Shortcuts to Try

  • Start Task Manager – Ctrl + Alt + Del
  • Close App – Alt + F4
  • Find – Ctrl + F
  • Find and Replace – Ctrl +H
  • Select the Search Box – Ctrl + E
  • Open a New Window – Ctrl + N
  • Show Desktop – Win + D


That covers our professional coursework help writer’s list for the keyboard shortcuts every student should use while working. We hope you learned something from the ones we listed above. And perhaps they’ve improved the way you work.

Remember, working your way to those A+ grades takes a lot of work. So, anything that can improve your efficiency will significantly affect how well you perform. That’s why we focused today on improving how you use your computer through keyboard shortcuts.

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