The Benefits of Using High-Quality Vape Cartridge Boxes

Benefits of Vape Cartridge Boxes

When it comes to selling your product, quality packaging can be the difference between landing your product on the shelf or having it tossed into the dumpster as trash. Today, we’re going to look at the anatomy of one of the most important packaging pieces in our industry- vape cartridge boxes. Whether you are looking to create your own vape cartridge boxes or are simply looking to learn more about how they work, you will want to take some time and read this carefully crafted guide to vape cartridge boxes. Let’s get started!


Why vape cartridge boxes are important

Vaporizer cartridge boxes can be found in an assortment of sizes and designs. If you are looking for a vape box to package your cartridges, you need to make sure that it is large enough to hold a sufficient number of cartridges and also sturdy enough to store them properly. A high-quality vape cartridge box will last much longer than a regular storage box. You should find custom vape cartridge boxes or personalized boxes that are made specifically for packaging cartridges so they do not get damaged during transport. They can come with locking mechanisms as well. If you plan on selling your vaporizers soon, then these types of boxes may help keep your customers interested in buying from you. For some businesses, using a professional carton designed especially for vaporizers is simply good business sense!


How to make your own vape box

In order to make your own vape box, you will need some tools. You will also need a printer for making your box and an area to print out your box on. You can choose any size you want depending on how many cartridges you want in one pack. Here is what you need Cardboard paper or anything that you would like to use for your vape boxes; Glue; Scissors; Tape; Ruler. Make sure that when cutting out all pieces that they are cut big enough so that it is easy to glue them together. When gluing all pieces together let it dry overnight so it has time to be hard before adding tape and putting it together.


What are the benefits of using custom boxes for your cartridges?

Having a Custom Vape Box is one way to differentiate your brand from your competitors. By using high-quality vape packaging and creating a customized design, you are bringing a lot more than just your product. You are bringing your whole identity with it. Just like when you walk into a bar, people already have an impression in their mind about what kind of person that goes there and who they should expect to see. So, by standing out with beautiful boxes you help people create expectations about who will come and where they can find your cartridges.


What sizes do I need for my box?

There are several sizes available, including Mini which holds three cartridges, or two large-sized cartridges. The medium-sized box holds two cartridges and is perfect for those who go through their e-juice quickly. The XL size fits one cartridge, and larger boxes can hold more than one cartridge. So, as you can see there are many options when it comes to ordering your Vape Packaging high-quality custom boxes to use for your e-juice! Keep in mind that they also make great custom packaging if you sell lotions and creams; however, we suggest using a vape bottle if you choose that route! When buying these boxes online, be sure to order from a manufacturer who specializes in them.

Clear Path Packaging will print a unique barcode on each individual box or multiple carton orders with no extra charge. so all items purchased by a customer appear together on a receipt—further decreasing returns.  whereas when they open their package from an online order they know exactly where to fill up first thing!

Common carton sizes

Vape cartridges come in all shapes and sizes, which means you can use practically any type of box. However, if you want your boxes to fit certain sizes, the common carton size is 170 x 135 x 55 mm. This size makes it easy to create custom vape cartridge boxes so your products can be shown off in their best light. When creating vape packaging with custom boxes, there are countless options at your disposal.                             from simple, rectangular boxes to Customized Cigarette Packages and complex pill packs. Anything is possible!


How can I save money on packaging my cartridges?

Every brand must ask themselves; how can I save money on packaging my cartridges? Fortunately, there are plenty of options. One is to think outside the box (no pun intended) and use a custom box for you vape cartridge products. A custom box allows you to use as much or as little material as you want.  It’s often cheaper than buying pre-made boxes because they require less labor.

Additionally, it may be possible to get deals from suppliers if you order in bulk. They may even give you free shipping! The more quantity that you purchase, the better deal you’ll typically receive on any type of product. Since CPP sell these customization products at competitive prices. It should be easy to see why people would love using our services. Contact us today with any questions that you have about these boxes.                     visit our website right away to learn more about them! Let us help make your e-cigarette vaping business run smoothly.

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