The Benefits Of Video Surveillance At Construction Project

The installation of video surveillance offers many benefits for every type of company. Construction companies are more likely to benefit since they know that the process of “closing” a site after hours can be more challenging. 

You could secure the area, close the gates, or employ a security guard to watch the site. However, all of the options are vulnerable to attack by criminals that could use them to their advantage.

It is possible to jump fences on or cut into, for example, or locks could be broken. Security guards are human beings with limited vision.

They’re not always reliable witnesses and can be intimidated or even taken off the scene by hostile attackers. Installing a surveillance camera is far more reliable security on construction sites.

This is how technology can protect any site from the inherent dangers that construction sites face.

Video Cameras And Thieves

Building materials, valuable equipment, and personal belongings are just a few of the things which make the construction industry one of the most frequent victims of theft from industrial facilities. Around $1 billion is stolen each year. The majority of the stolen items are not ever recovered.

There are many clever moves management and site owners can make to secure their sites, but video surveillance is just one of the most effective.

Cameras that criminals can see, however, their inability to interfere sends a clear signal to the criminals that they are being monitored.

There will always be irresponsible criminals determined to continue their crime regardless of the risks. This is why video footage can be a trustworthy witness that will not forget the facts you can utilize to force thieves to pay.

Prevention Of Accidents

The risk of accidents occurring at a construction site is enormous. The scaffolding, equipment, and blind areas for people and vehicles could all be an issue. The sites are also filled with hazardous materials such as lumber, electrical outlets, and fuel sources.

Video surveillance provides an enhanced ability to observe high-risk areas. The information they provide could be crucial in reducing the chances of someone being injured.

They can also work together. The most advanced technology, such as Ramtech WES3 System , can be integrated into complete camera systems with advanced alerts for heat, smoke, and water flow and evacuation assistance in explosive construction areas.

Another danger associated with workplace accidents only harms employers. The threat is fraud. Employees can – and often do pretend to be injured to get workers’ compensation benefits or other settlements in the financial realm (check out the classic indicators of this type of scheme).

Video surveillance can help prove the validity of injury claims since it records accidents. Employers have more power to compensate legitimately injured employees while keeping those who are not ethical from receiving compensation.

Deter Trespassers

Many people view your construction site as an outdoor playground or an area for painting. Sometimes, they are just children looking for a space to relax (or from, since they utilize scaffolding and other equipment to climb).

In other instances, your site might be targeted by taggers, graffiti “artists” looking to leave graffiti, slogans, or other defacements on your site. This isn’t just an aesthetic issue. However, tags can stop entire construction projects from coming to a standstill.

If you want to stop trespassers and taggers from crossing their tracks, it is much easier to install an electronic surveillance system.

The presence of cameras can cause them to reconsider their actions, and even if they continue, video provides you with footage to boost the odds of being arrested and prosecuted.

Cleaning your site will send a positive message to your community and let taggers know they’re paying attention.

An Overview Of How Mobile Surveillance Works

We’ve talked about the advantages of the investment in construction site surveillance. Let’s look at how these units can get the task completed:

Thermal And Night Vision

Criminals on construction sites often depend on dim lighting conditions to conceal their actions. Night vision and thermal lighting alternatives rob them of the advantage and establish an effective security perimeter that allows for long-range intrusion detection and identification of the license plates.

Monitoring Off-Site By Skilled Agents

All-hours-of-the-day, 24/7 monitoring watches after your premises at all times of daylight. Surveillance personnel with experience in law enforcement are on the lookout for your property during the critical time frame from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m.

Agents can turn on mobile security devices’ red and blue strobe lights to scare off intruders. They can also communicate with them through the built-in speakers and notify the police when needed.

360° Views From The Aerial View

Physical security guards have a restricted field of view. However, cameras do not. Mobile cameras provide multiple angles to view the entire area from a height of 20 feet.

Remote Access To Video

Site managers do not have to visit a website to verify the security feeds physically. Modern surveillance systems are connected to mobile apps and are accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Monitoring Of Employees

It’s a fact that criminals who can profit from stealing the most valuable things on a construction site are usually employed to work on the site.

On-site burglars have the ideal chance to steal since they know where to find valuable items and when and where to get them. Security cameras create a hostile environment that could stop this inside work.

Incorporate 24-hour surveillance on holidays and weekends. And the best mobile video surveillance firm provides an all-encompassing solution to any security threat on a construction site.

Superior Protection

Install. Monitor. React. Save. The process is simple with A-List Security  team quick and easy setup. We can assist your site in reducing costs by preventing damage, theft accidents, claims for damages, as well as the expense of wasted time solving the issues. You should hire security guards to secure your construction assets and premises in order to avoid any sort of loss.

Our team will deliver units directly to you, providing you with surveillance that you can rent monthly without expensive and restrictive contracts.

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