The Best Ever Method to Move QuickBooks to New Computer

No asset in a business is permanent, and neither is your computer. Intuit developers understand this and offer an option to Move QuickBooks To New Computers without much hassle. They introduced a Migrator tool which is specifically built for this purpose. Intuit developers introduced it for QuickBooks Desktop 2018 or newer version users. You need both of your systems to have strong internet connections along with an external storage device, preferably a USB drive to complete this process.

Wondering how to move QuickBooks to a new computer? Go through this blog for a step-by-step guide and reach out to an expert if you are still unsatisfied. Call at +1(855)-856-0053.

The Process To Move QuickBooks To New Computer

You just need to plug in a USB device to your old system and then copy all the files along with setting up a one-time password. Then you will have to connect it to your new device and enter the password you created. These are the detailed steps you need to follow:- 


Step 1- Using your Old Computer

  • Connect a USB to your computer.
  • Now Run QuickBooks and tap on the File menu. 
  • Now choose Utilities and then tap on Move Quickbooks to another computer.
  • Click on the I’m ready to button and generate a one-time password.
  • Now follow the onscreen instructions to choose the USB you connected. Wait for the files to get copied and then eject it.

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Step 2:Using your New Computer

  • Insert the USB drive that has all the copied files. The Migrator Tool will not automatically start running because of Windows Firewall security.
  • Now Open your USB flash drive to view the files they contain and double tap on Move_QuickBooks.bat. The migrator will start running.
  • Enter the password you generated in the previous step and tap on Let’s go. 
  • Wait for the Migrator tool to finish the task. 


The time it takes will depend on your system’s speed and internet. The size of your file will also matter.

– Update your Windows version if the Migrator tool does not start running after double-clicking on the Move_QuickBooks.bat file. 

Your Quickbooks files will be automatically removed from your USB flash drive once you are done. However, you can still access them from your old computers. It is advised to change the name of these files in order to avoid confusion.

Things To Do After Moving File to New Device

There are certain tasks that users should perform after moving files to a new computer in order to ensure smooth working and safety of your data. These things are as follows:- 

  • Log into your payroll and payment services.
  • Log into Intuit Data Protect and fix a backup schedule.
  • Move any additional files that are left on your old computer to your new computer.
  • Create a backup file to keep your data safe. 

So this is how you can Move QuickBooks to New Computer. The sole purpose of the migrator tool is to help the transfer purpose. If you face any difficulty while performing the above-mentioned tasks, reach out to an expert at +1(855)-856-0053 and they will guide you in a better manner.

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