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The Best Flowers to Grow for Dried Arrangements

Dried flowers are making a significant resurgence in home design, if you haven’t noticed. It’s simple and inexpensive to make your own dried flower arrangements, especially if you grow the best flowers for drying yourself. These plants’ blossoms will look lovely while they’re blooming in your garden, and they’ll also make bright, long-lasting dried flowers. 

Plant matter that has been preserved and dried and is ready to smoke is a dry flower. A dry flower, also known as a dry herb, is used to roll a joint. Cannabis users can now choose between dry flowers, sticky cannabis buds, solid or liquid extracts, and more.


Make a statement with amaranth in your flower arrangement. This easy-to-grow annual, also known as love-lies-bleeding or tassel flower, features vividly coloured erect plumes or long dangling ropes of tiny blooms in late summer. When flowing over the sides of a vast container, the tassels are very eye-catching. When dried, amaranth flowers keep their colour, making them ideal for long-lasting arrangements.

Floss Flower

Floss flower is one of the most excellent annuals to plant in your cutting garden. Its clusters of fuzzy tiny blue, pink, or white flowers, often known as ageratum, are heat-tolerant and bloom all summer. The light flowers and heart-shaped leaves are frequently used to fill in gaps in arrangements and give indoor displays a polished, unified appearance.

Mealycup Sage

With mealycup sage spikes, add some dramatic vertical features to your dried flower arrangement. Its lavender-like blossoms make it one of the most beautiful salvias to plant in your yard. This plant can be cultivated as a perennial in milder areas, but it’s commonly grown annually. It will bloom all summer long, despite the heat, humidity, and drought.

Globe Amaranth

Globe amaranth brings seasonal beauty to your yard and containers. Its spherical flowerheads have a stiff, straw-like feel and resemble Easter egg-dyed clover blooms. The heat-tolerant annual flowers in white, ivory, peach, orange, pink, and magenta from early summer through fall. Cut these attractions in the morning or evening after half the small florets in the flowerheads have opened for your fresh and dried arrangements.


Celosia has beautiful flower heads that bloom from summer to fall, making it an ideal focal point or filler for fresh or dried flower arrangements. Plume, cockscomb, and wheat celosia are three different varieties with different-shaped blooms. Bright hues of orange, red, purple, yellow, and cream are available. This is one of the simplest annual flowers to raise from seed, and it frequently self-seeds. It’s also ideal for a low-upkeep cottage garden.

Globe Thistle

Globe thistle’s magnificent spherical flower heads make exquisite dried blue flowers. These long-lasting flowers begin as spiky balls atop long stalks and grow into spheres covered in sky-blue petals in the shape of stars. When these blossoms are fully open, they attract a variety of pollinators. Just before the flowers open is the most acceptable time to cut them for drying.


Strawflower is a must-have plant for adorning your home with blossoms from your yard all year. Send fresh strawflower by online flower delivery in Rajasthan to express your love to your brother. This annual blooms from late spring until frost and keeps its colour and form when dried, making it ideal for a floral craft project requiring long-lasting flowers. It is commonly grown for the commercial dried flower industry since it performs well as a dried flower.

Baby’s Breath

Baby’s breath sprays can be used to fill in the gaps in your dried flower arrangements and give your floral displays a polished look. The tiny but profuse blossoms can also be used alone in gentle, cloudlike arrangements. From July to October, this drought-tolerant perennial flowers. Cut stems to bring inside around lunchtime, when some of the flowers on the stalks have opened.


For dried flower arrangements, statice is a typical filler plant. Colourful funnel-shaped calyces with a bit of white bloom in the centre make up the flower clusters. Make your day special by ordering flowers online from your desired location. Long after the flowers have faded, the dry papery calyces are what remain. When nearly all of the calyces have colour, cut this spectacular flower during dry weather.


Yarrow’s flat-topped clusters create excellent dried blooms. This drought-tolerant perennial is available in various colours, including yellow, orange, red, pink, and white blossoms, so you can pick the one that best matches your garden’s colour scheme. It’s a hardy plant that may thrive in heavy clay soil. When 80 percent of the flowers on a stem are open, harvest yarrow blossoms for drying in the morning or evening.

Fresh flowers that have had the moisture extracted through a natural dehydration process are known as dried flowers (such as hanging them upside down). The humidity in preserved flowers and foliage has been replaced with glycerine. This gives them a more natural appearance and feel. 

As you may know, dried flowers are known for their longevity and their 100% natural product identity. Dried flowers survive an average of one year, and when coloured, they can last up to two years. Fresh flowers only last up to ten days in compression.

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