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The guide to creating an incredible Instagram Story

 Create an Instagram Story

Humans are natural storytellers. This is how we comprehend the nature of the world around us, how we interact with our friends and colleagues and how we communicate with each other. Unfortunately, we’ve come quite a distance far from the camping fire. Yet, the 2019 storytelling circle is right at our fingertips. It’s known as Instagram Stories, and we’ll show you how you can make your stories visible (and noticed). This article will explain how you can use this social media platform to your advantage and provide Instagram Stories tips along the route.

Over 1 billion monthly active users share their experiences on the water cooler of digital technology known as Instagram. More than 500 million are making use of Instagram Stories every day. Companies share a third of the most-loved Stories, and in the coming year, we will see companies focusing their marketing skills on videos of 15 seconds (or 10-second photos) with a shelf-life of up to 24 hours. Read More.

This article will explore ways to add Instagram Stories to your profile and enhance your offerings.


How to make an Instagram Story using Canva

Mimco Instagram story

Sports girl’s Instagram story

This is the New Yorker Champion Instagram story


Photo: Mimco, Sportsgirl, and The New Yorker champion their branding aesthetics on Instagram Stories Sure, Instagram offers a built-in Story Builder with a variety of modes and features; however, from a business standpoint, the best method to make your Story stand in the crowd and keep your content clean, consistent and on-brand is to design Instagram Stories. Create your Instagram Stories using Canva templates.


Templates allow you to create batches of brand-specific content and strategize, plan and schedule your content. They can also be a time saver. Making templates–one specifically to develop quotes, another for sales, etc.–is an effective way to simplify your social media output. It also allows you to assign the task of Story creation to your team members.


How to apply filters in Instagram Stories

Consistency is essential in creating top-quality content. Therefore, when making images adhere to the same filter settings for your pictures. Instagram provides a variety of pre-set filters and backdrops to alter the brightness, contrast hue, tint, saturation, and much more.

After you’ve uploaded your photo to Instagram, there are AR (AR) filters available to experiment with once you’ve uploaded your image into the Instagram application.  Use these cute, funny overlays to add a bit of humour and charm on Instagram Stories. 


How to use GIFs on Instagram Stories

  If you’re looking to improve your Instagram feed, You can also make your own.

While they may be funny, they can also be strategic. A well-placed GIF will direct your viewer’s attention to particular elements in your Story. For example, make use of GIFs to highlight text, as a call-to-action (like “swipe-up” around off’) or as arrows or other signals to direct your viewers.


How do you create highlight albums on Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories Highlights are comprised of Stories you can make under certain subjects. As opposed to Instagram stories, the Highlights stay on and are displayed within the Instagram profile. They are a great way to show off your products, provide tutorials or create videos for your profile.

To get started, tap into the Story Highlights section on your profile page. Then, a plus sign will pop up, which allows you to build a highlights reel using the past or present Instagram Stories.

In conjunction with Instagram TV (known as ‘IGTV–an app on Instagram that lets users upload videos that are up to one hour long), this feature is ideal for business owners who are content-conscious, with over 80percent of them using videos for marketing.


How to increase engagement on Instagram Stories? Instagram Stories


Glossier Instagram story

Everlane’s Instagram Story

Girl Friday’s Instagram account

Image Glossier, Everlane and Girl Friday make it a conversation with polls and questions. It’s great for your followers to enjoy their content, But how do you engage them with your message? Here are a few easy methods to achieve that (Hint uses the analytics tool for insights on the Business accounts to determine the best ones to promote your business).

Include Links in Your Instagram Stories

If you have more than 10,000 followers, you can add swipe-up hyperlinks at the top of your Instagram Story posts, driving visitors to your website or product pages, blogs and more. In addition, verified shop accounts can utilize products tags and stickers to display their products and allow customers to click on the link to find out more and buy. For More info Click Here.


Answer questions on the Instagram Stories you have posted. Instagram Stories

Questioning triggers a natural response instinct in us (aka automated engagement). If you want to ask your followers questions, you can select the Questions option by tapping them when you create an article. After that, you’ll be asked to write your query. This is an excellent method to begin conversations and start conversations with your followers. Ask questions to create live Q&A sessions, run the Instagram Stories contest, or share questions and helpful details.

Added polls on the Instagram story can add polls to Instagram.

It’s difficult to resist an opportunity to add your opinion! Instagram offers two poll stickers you can attach to your Story: the initial poll, which comes with two customizable answers and the recently added Emoji slider. Along with encouraging engagement, polls can be a great option to get your followers to give you feedback to provide feedback (who wouldn’t want a piece of market research for free?)


Mention your followers in the Instagram Stories you share. Instagram Stories

Another method to boost your engagement is to use the @mention sticker, which allows you to tag an acquaintance, brand or location on an Instagram Story. After being ordered, the user is notified, and you can encourage your followers to tag you on @mention and then share their stories to increase the feeling of community.


Include locations in Instagram Stories

Are you looking to boost your brand’s recognition and gain new fans? First, make them aware of the location of your business! The location sticker will make your Story visible under the search function for the location tag, which means that all new users can draw new users to your Story (seriously–posts with a location tag get 79 per cent greater engagement).


Live stream via Instagram Stories.

It’s not an easy task to live stream your Instagram Story–whether it’s workshops, Q&A sessions or even a launch event–will keep your followers at their devices.

To live to stream your Instagram Stories, click the camera icon at the right at the very top. Then, tap the Live button located near the end of the stories. Then, you will be presented present you with the option to go Live. It’s as easy as that! Viewers can leave comments on your Instagram Live Story in real-time. If the conversation gets heated, you may end up on the Explore page, which will be displayed to prospective new users.


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