The Reasons to Use Electronic Invoicing Fatoorah Saudi Arabia – Benefits

The Reasons to Use Electronic Invoicing Fatoorah Saudi Arabia – Benefits

As we progress, more countries digitize their invoicing systems to enhance the transparency of their finances. However, Saudi Arabia is the latest to join the list.  The General Authority of Zakat and Tax is also known as the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority of Saudi Arabia. In 2020, it has released rules for electronic invoicing (e-invoicing).

The regulations require all residents and any third party that issues an invoice for tax purposes to tax-paying residents to follow the rules and implement the e-invoicing software Saudi Arabia into their financial system before January 1, 2023.

GAZT does not share the same software you’ll require to create e-invoices. However, they do provide minimal specifications. This article can assist in understanding the new electronic invoice regulation.

 Let’s go over some key aspects that can assist you in your preparation for the new rules.

What is electronic invoicing?

According to the revised regulations, electronically generated and stored tamper-proof invoices are considered electronic tax bills. As a result, e-invoices cannot be accepted as photocopies or scans. But, It may affect you.

 All Businesses and Saudi citizens are in the midst of the changes to electronic invoices in Saudi Arabia regulations. The new regulations will impact local businesses and residents. However, Non-residents haven’t been required the obligation to provide electronic bills.

As a result. Local businesses need to eliminate the old billing methods using paper and move towards digitizing the financial system of their business.

 What made e-invoicing so very popular?

This initiative is designed to curb this kind of economy. It will also ease tax returns, implement international standards and enhance the kingdom’s ranking globally. The initiative also promotes open and fair competition between businesses and the protection of consumer Benefits.

Benefits of e-invoicing Fatoorah Saudi Arabia:

There are numerous cost-saving benefits of electronic invoices. For one, we’ll use less paper and help the environment.

Companies will be able to decipher invoices due to their standard format quickly. It will also help reduce the time in the payment process because of transcription errors. Transparency will enable suppliers and buyers to communicate quickly.

  • Fast & secure data exchange
  • Faster payment
  • Lower costs
  • Eliminate human errors
  • The reduction in the amount of incorrect or incomplete documents
  • Low operating costs
  • On-time payments
  • Positive impact on the environment (CSR).
  • Cash management improved
  • Processing times are speedier
  • Customer support
  • Effective implementation


Fatoorah is flying to begin the shift.

At the start of last December, ZATCA launched the first part of the Fatoorah e-invoicing initiative. This initiative seeks to establish an online system that will allow buyers and sellers to transfer quickly and process invoices, credit, and debit notes.

  • The first part ensures that the current technological E-Fatoorah Saudi Arabia resolution is available that meets the requirements.
  • Invoices written by hand or produced by computer code using text editors require this.
  • The second part will be implemented in 2023, the first month of the Gregorian calendar.
  • It will create an e-system that is natural between the taxpayers’ electronic systems and the law of the authority.


Avoid the penalties:

Authorities take this issue seriously. If you fail to issue and keep invoices in electronic format, a penalty that is SR5000/- is a must.

The penalty for not being able to include the QR Code within the e-invoice and for failing to report any errors in the preparation of this information to the authorities starts with a warning. The penalty for failure to remove or alter the E-invoicing program within Saudi Arabia starts at SR10,000/-

Benefits for the sectors:

Small and large companies profit from the latest charged approach. It helps reduce costs and time spent processing and printing invoices on paper.

E-invoicing can also enhance relationships between customers and suppliers by reducing payment times. It means that it speeds up the reconciliation of accounts, improves compliance, and reduces physical interaction.  Additionally, it helps to reduce the possibility of fraud and losses, encouraging honest competition and decreasing fraud.

Additionally, the government will benefit from an E-invoicing program within Saudi Arabia, specifically when dealing with the shadow economy and industrial fraud.

The project aims to reduce the shadow market and prevent business fraud, which will positively affect the economy.

In light of this opportunity for digital transformation, Absolute Solutions have developed an e-invoicing software Saudi Arabia. This software is ZATCA Compliant and outlines the requirements of your company and provides the essential tools. These tools will help you achieve your goals with possible automation.

What can we do to get ready?

E-invoicing shouldn’t be a hindrance; instead, it’s an instrument that will aid in your company’s growth. Making your financial records digital is a crucial step in increasing the growth of your business. Large and small businesses worldwide are experiencing the advantages that digital technology can bring.

It is the most comprehensive solution to streamline and digitize all your business processes. It is crucial to consider digitization. In addition, It is also crucial to work seamlessly with external and internal ecosystems to produce electronic invoices promptly. Utilizing a custom-designed ZATCA approved e-invoicing application from Absolute Solutions,  provides the complete solution to be ready to meet the requirements of electronic invoicing (Fatoorah) in Saudi Arabia.


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