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Top 10 Job Portals in India And What Makes Them Good

Nowadays, we have a variety of job sites where companies and recruiters put up vacancies employing recruiting software and applicants browse the criteria, and apply for positions that match their qualifications and are suitable.

The most significant benefit of this method is that job openings are open to a wide range of people instead of being limited to just a few applicants. Anyone is eligible to apply for positions regardless of their location.


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If you’re seeking jobs in India Here are the most popular job sites that you must be aware of. Let’s have a look.


Naukri was established by the government in 1997, and it is visited hundreds of people looking for jobs each day. The website is updated with daily job advertisements from recruiters. It is also free for job people looking for jobs.

This includes resume writing, which allows you to get assistance from professionals to create your resume to highlight your talents and talents. A well-written resume has better at attracting the attention of employers who often scan resumes to determine if they are suitable for screening.

The service will also assist to create visually appealing resumes to impress recruiters in a matter of minutes with a captivating resume. Other options include recruiter connections to increase your visibility and prioritization of applications among others.

Monster India

Another one of the most popular and longest-running job search websites within India is Monster. In addition to job listings, they also have an extensive blog section in which you will find helpful tips about job interviews and job searches. The site has a search filter feature that assists the job seeker to limit his search.

The website is accessible both online and also has an app for mobile users who want to fill out applications while on the move. In addition to the standard options, Monster India offers different resume-related services.

If, for instance, you’re seeking an employment opportunity in a specific area, you could benefit from the Extreme Resume. They also offer a Right Resume service that offers specific guidelines based on what level you’re at. The final service is Career Booster which provides an integrated service that includes Xtreme Resume and Right Resume.



LinkedIn is a well-known professional network and is not a typical employment site, which is why it operates slightly differently from traditional job sites. If you’re in search of an opportunity, you must be active on LinkedIn since it gives you an opportunity to show off your work as well as share your views.

As the majority of hiring managers and decision-makers are using LinkedIn and getting in touch with them directly becomes easier if you’re on the platform. However, you have to make time to use this platform and expand your network organically before you benefit from the advantages.


Some of the basic functions of the job site include email, phone, and live chat support. They are simple to navigate, and an app as well.

In addition, important features for job applicants include an advanced lookup feature as well as a job alert hiding resume feature, resume builder, review of the company, etc.


The next one on order is TimesJobs. The website is operated by the Times Group and has over 25 million registered job candidates. The most important aspect of this website is that it offers employers and jobs based upon the profile of a candidate.

It has a separate section specifically for government-related jobs. There is also a separate site designed specifically for IT-related jobs. In addition, there are jobs in other sectors.


Along with job listings, The site also has reviews about companies as well as ratings ensuring that job seekers can get an idea of the business they’re applying to. Search filters can be beneficial and user-friendly and allow users to easily reduce their job search.


This can be a valuable feature for those looking for jobs because they can get an objective and direct experience of what it’s like working in an organization where they are planning to employ.

The site lets you look at the workplace culture and how responsive management is to employee complaints, the employee evaluations of management, and more. In addition to this important aspect, Glassdoor is also a well-known job site and is completely free!


The name of the site suggests this website designs for students and recent graduates who don’t have many years of experience in the workplace and have just begun to seek a job. In addition to entry-level positions The site also provides different training courses to upskill the freshers.

MNC Owned Job Sites

Many MNCs have dedicated careers pages, where they update jobs regularly. If you are looking for a specific company or job you’re looking to get into taking a look at these sites for jobs. A few of them are IBM, BCG, KPMG, and others.


Upwork is an excellent place to search for part-time work as well as remote jobs. If you’re seeking to begin an independent career in the fields of writing, design, and coding, as well as VA or otherss. You should check out this website. It’s a global marketplace that allows applicants to compete for jobs.

There are numerous job websites that are available in India that allow you to register and look for your ideal job. The good thing is that they are all accessible for free. Create a stunning resume now and begin applying for jobs today!

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