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Top 5 Reasons That Could Be Wrong and Hampering Your Baking Sessions

The pandemic has made us relearn and unlearn so many things. It has made us understand that life will change and there will always be global crises that will affect every nook and corner of this planet. One of the strangest consequences or learning of this pandemic has been to know the concept of being alone and having minimum or no social gatherings. The new normal of staying home and staying safe needs a lot of effort too. One has to do activities within the four walls to keep oneself busy, healthy, and happy. One of such activities which were not so popular in the erstwhile normal is baking. It is a new experience and a new skill that you are adding to your life and very therapeutic. Being new to this activity can be one of the major reasons for your final product not coming out to be as perfect as possible. Here is a list of some reasons that could be hampering your baking sessions. 

  • Missing an Ingredient

Baking is a total process where each and every step is successfully established if the previous steps are done completely and in the correct manner. Missing an ingredient for a baker is a sin. If you have forgotten to add baking soda or a particular flavor to the batter, it is just a lump of some ingredients at the end and definitely not a cake. Follow the list of ingredients religiously and check before the batter goes into the oven. You need to understand baking is a scientific process and every ingredient has a chemical effect on the whole process. The use of another ingredient instead of the actual one can also turn the results against you.

  • An Oven That Is Not Working Well

An oven is the most important gadget that plays a huge role in the process of baking. The absence of it or it not working properly means your baking process prior to that is all futile. The placement in the oven or its temperature setting has an effect on the final result. If the oven has not been preheated to a certain temperature, the cake would crack and not come out fine. If your oven is not working well, oven repairs in Melbourne can be easily availed. They have the best, skillful staff to inspect and repair the machinery.  

  • The temperature of the Ingredients

All the ingredients in a cake batter should be at room temperature. The variation in the ingredients can greatly affect the quality of the product. They should not be too hot or cold, the room temperature is just perfect for baking ingredients. Eggs and butter if added cold can affect the fluffiness of the cake, so can the complete melting of butter. Its consistency is a major concern for the creamy formation.

  • Recipe

The flow and direction of the recipe is some of the most important aspects that should never be ignored in a baking session. Always follow the recipe as it is. The timing should never be altered according to your convenience. As mentioned before, baking is a scientific process that needs to be followed like an experiment to avoid any consequences.

  • Patience

Patience is the secret ingredient to a tasty, fluffy cake. Making the batter patiently and not doing it right. Doing the whole process for the sake of it without looking into the minute details can cost you your cake. So be patient while going about the process and do it the right way. 

If you have developed a love for baking, it will show in your products. The finesse and skill will be developed in time. The key to becoming a successful baker is practice and patience. 

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