Top 6 Activities to Spend Your Weekends at Home

Fridays are full of excitement. It’s finally the last day of a long week filled with tight deadlines and grueling exams. Weekends have arrived! Saturdays and Sundays are the happiest moments of the week to unwind, get a few me-time moments, catch up on family time, or perhaps set the mood for romance. With so many people still working from home, staying at home on weekends can be difficult. Hence, we’ve compiled an article filled with interesting ways you can spend your weekends at home. 

Make friends with the kitchen

Cooking sometimes can prove to be quite therapeutic, a relaxing way to spend your weekend gracefully or clumsily (in some cases), dancing around the kitchen to rip your bounty in the end. There is an array of different recipes under different cuisines provided on the internet to guide you. If you are a beginner, there are plenty of Youtube videos to guide you step-by-step on your cooking journey. However, if you are not a cooking fan, all hope is not lost, there are other options such as baking or even grilling in the garden or even giving a shot at delectable cocktails and mocktails, whichever works best, as long as you are acquainted with the kitchen. 

Spend your weekends at home binge watching

Binge Watch? Pfft! I mean who doesn’t know about that right? But come on, weekdays leave you with little time to watch your favorite rom-coms, sci-fi or drama. So make the most of your weekends. Gather your friends and plan a Netflix binge marathon all day. Chop your cookies from an infinite number of food jars and get pumped for your favorite character’s scene. Set up the place with cozy blankets and beddings to create the mood, dim the lights and get ready to forget about all your troubles for the next few hours.

Recline & read

I mean we all have that one book we’ve been wanting to read but can never find the time. Spend your weekends at home finishing that book you’ve been putting off. Create the ideal reading environment with cozy blankets, soft cushions, food jars, and appropriate lighting. Have a nice cup of tea or coffee to keep you energized. Do not forget to take breaks in between and stretch a little to avoid cramping. 

Home is the best place to sit and relax during the weekends. Sit by the window with the cushion comforting your back, gazing at the fresh natural beauty with the book in one hand. Get engrossed in the plot of the story as you move your eyes to read each paragraph. Leafing through the novel, the peculiar smell of the old books alongside the hot coffee is the perfect combination to liven up your mood. 

Vast green lands are possible to find in Goa’s own beautiful villages. Kasu Vana Assagao, a villa has a unique charm to it that attracts buyers because of its tranquil and luxurious settings. Spend your weekend in your second home in Goa. 

At-home spa day

Take care of yourself! Get your nails done, pedicures, highlights, and even a massage. Make a day of it with your girlfriends! If you’re a gym junkie, instead of going to the gym this weekend, exercise at home. If you are unable to exercise during the week, you must be active on weekends to compensate. Exercising will clear your mind and give you more energy for the rest of your busy weekend. Yet, it is worth considering face masks and steam sessions to rejuvenate and be all pumped and fresh for the week.  

Spend your weekends at home gardening 

Explore the power of your green thumb with a little gardening adventure! Gardening can be intimidating at first, but it is an extremely rewarding hobby to keep yourself busy on weekends. Get into vegetable gardening to not only grow the most delicious fruits and vegetables but also to feed your family organically grown vegetables grown at home. Plant a variety of flowers to make your home smell wonderful. Gardening is without a doubt one of the best ways to unwind on weekends. Plant fragrant flowers, start your own bonsai garden, or grow your own vegetables. This weekend, go green!

Staying in gated community houses, it is not always possible to have a private garden. But with 4 BHK luxury villas in Goa with garden, you can nurture your hobby and grow plants of your choice. A private garden gives you the assurance that you don’t have to share the land with anybody else. Relieve the stress on the weekends nurturing your plants, sowing seeds and adding nutrients. 

Redecorate your home

Deep down, I think we all enjoy redecorating our homes, it brings a certain kind of freshness to everyday life. On weekdays, however, you barely have time to decorate it. Then, make the most of your weekends at home by decorating your new home or renovating an old one. Move some furniture around, get some beautiful lampshades, dust and clean as much as you want, and make your home a home sweet home!

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