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Top Smart Features Your E-Commerce Site Should Have

With increased shopping statistics through e-commerce platforms, it is only viable that you focus more on integrating optimistic features to enhance site performance, give ultimate user experience and analyze sales gateways. Ecommerce website design Australia is all about improvising e-commerce portals to enhance the shopping experience and add an element of personalization. Basically, searching for options to retain clients through smart technology. And it is possible too. 

People’s trust in e-commerce is increasing day by day, and to make the best out of this trend, let’s re-furbish our e-commerce portals with smart technology. To increase sales and beat the competition in 2022. 

Technologies An E-Commerce Site Should Have

Management Through ERP

ERP aka Enterprise Resource Planning is like a central system that streamlines all the processes on your portal. From invoice generation to inventory management, accounting, payments, etc. The software lets you sit back and relax while everything falls in place through automation and optimization of all the processes. Plus, spotting the loopholes in buying and sales process is easier with ERP solutions in the scenario.

Driving Sales Through Omnichannel Platforms

Ensure sales from every channel. An omnichannel e-commerce platform helps you integrate sales and marketing channels to ensure instant purchases. Website, applications, and social media networks are all integrated to facilitate sales, thus enhancing the shopping experience. 

24/7 Customer Assistance Through Chatbots 

While human customer assistance is limited to particular hours, Chatbots serves your clients with 24/7 customer service and general query solving. Professionals at eCommerce web development Melbourne say Chatbots can reduce 60% of manpower needed for repetitive query handling.  


It is always good to keep a track of your customer’s preferences and recommend them from time to time. Automated recommendations often reduce the time for searching the products and divert the purchase decisions leading to conversions. 

Contextual/Smart Searches 

If someone types an abbreviation for the product and gets “no result found”, this is where he might leave the site assuming you do not hold the inventory for the product. Contextual/Smart Searches optimizes searches within the virtual store. More than 60% of the sales come from search bars, which you are most likely to miss if you cant show the result quickly. 

Retention Pop-Ups 

Pop-ups are placed at the right points to create an urgency for the viewers to buy the products at different stages (like product pages or under cart abandonment circumstances). Strategic placement of pop-ups is a must as unnecessary pop-ups may dart the clients to your competitors.    

Pricing Tools

Amidst the cut-throat competition, you need to fluctuate your pricing to keep your catalogs in demand. It calls for instant pricing tools. To remain neck to neck in the competition, you need to compare the pricing in real-time with that of your competitors, streamlining them with stock availability and shipping conditions offered by them.

Gateways For Easy Payments

Adding on to great values for purchase, how about you encourage your customers to conduct payments as they want? Keep payment gateways as optimistic as possible by integrating a small shipment form aligned with multiple payment modes and lucrative bonuses. Offering multiple payment options (especially UPIs and wallets) aids in spontaneous purchases. 

Make Your E-Commerce Site Smart ASAP   

A mediocre e-commerce portal tends to drown in this over-competitive market. Keep your e-commerce portal prepared for the future by integrating smart technology that aids in inventory keeping, sales, and management.   

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