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UPDF- The Best Free PDF Annotator for Collaboration at Work

Collaboration is more and more important at work, and a good PDF annotator will help a lot to comment, review, and share PDF documents.

UPDF is one of the best free PDF annotators with a convenient tool to help you collaborate with PDF documents. You can add your opinion on PDF documents by adding a note or highlight, and you can share your PDF document to your collaborator to review it. The interface of UPDF is designed to be simple, fast, and intuitive so that you can focus on your content instead of spending time.

How UPDF Help You Collaborate at Work

  1. Make Comments and Discuss Ideas with Others

UPDF supports a lot of tools to annotate PDF documents. You can make annotations within the document and add comments to it. It can be useful for those who want to work with others on a project by using annotations to point out specific things within a document. You can make comments and discuss ideas with others by using this function.

Let’s see what makes UPDF the best PDF annotator and talk about its collaboration tools of it:

If you want others to know that they should pay attention to some sentence, then you can highlight the text with colors, and you can choose a bright color.

If you want to tell your collaborator that you want to delete some words or sentences, you can simply add a strikethrough to the text.

If you want to add a signature to the PDF document, you can find that signature tool to use. There are three methods for you to create a signature by using your keyboard, Mouse, or Trackpad.

And if you are reviewing the PDF document, and you think this PDF has no problem, then you can add a stamp to say that it is improved.

Except for the above tools, UPDF provides some other annotations tools, such as the pen tool to let you draw any shapes you like. The stickers for you to choose to add to your documents. And UPDF has an amazing sharing system. You can share your PDF document through a link or through email. Receivers can open the PDF document by clicking the link you share.

  • Edit PDF Text and Image for Free 

UPDF supports text and image editing. You can insert, modify, copy, replace or remove text on your PDF files. In addition, you can also customize the font, text color, text size, alignment, and other styles of your text. UPDF will give you a great editing experience and let you have the freedom to edit PDF files easily.


UPDF also supports adding and editing images in your PDF files. Sometimes you found that the image on your PDF document is too big and you want to crop it. Sometimes you want to replace the image with a new one. Sometimes, you need to insert a new image or remove some images. Don’t worry, UPDF have all covered. You can easily add, delete, extract, replace, crop image in PDF with it.

  • Fast PDF Conversion

There are many situations in that we want to convert PDF documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or other formats. Using a PDF converter will help you deal with this task. UPDF provides a feature to export a PDF to other formats. Here are the formats supported by UPDF:

  • PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CSV
  • PDF to HTML and XML
  • PDF to Text (.txt) and RTF (rich text)

  • Easy Experience to View PDF Documents

You can open and read PDF documents in UPDF. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to read and search through your PDF files. This software supports many page layout options for reading PDF files. You can choose from single-page view, two-page view, scrolling, two-page scrolling, fit your screen, full screen.

UPDF also supports viewing multiple PDFs in tabs. This can be useful when comparing two or more documents.

UPDF supports bookmark management. It can be useful for those who write many PDF documents. You can organize your work by adding bookmarks and returning them easily when you need them.

It also has a brilliant slideshow display feature. You can display your PDF as a slideshow.

  • Rearrange and Organize PDF Pages 

UPDF supports organizing PDF pages. You can insert, rotate, extract, replace, remove, or reorder PDF pages.

If you want to remove unnecessary pages from a document before publishing it or sharing it with others, you can use UPDF to delete those pages easily.

If you want to extract a page and save it as a separate PDF document, then you can use UPDF to extract PDF pages. And if you want to reorder the pages of your PDF document, you can drag the page to the right position you want. It is very easy for you to reorder the pages.

There are more options for you to manage PDF pages. You can just use the related tool to help you. The interface is very intuitive and you will know how to use it when you open the software.

Final Words

UPDF is free PDF software and ideal for anyone who wants to annotate, convert, and edit PDF documents. The interface is easy to focus on your content instead of learning how to use the tool. You will find editing couldn’t be easier with UPDF. It will become one of the best productivity software to help you improve work efficiency and collaborate with others.


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