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Vape pods vs. disposable vapes: Which one is better for beginners?

Vape pods vs. disposable vapes: Which one is better for beginners?

Vaping is good for everyone, since fewer smokers fill their houses, cars, and lungs with smoke. Despite the wide selection of products at well-stocked vape shops, making the switch from smoking to vaping can be tough. Some vaping products aren’t suitable for beginners, such as full-sized mods.

Alternatively, smaller and simpler devices are also available – and all of them are perfect for beginners. Finding out which type of device is best for you is the only real challenge. This article discusses the differences between disposable vapes and vape pods. Disposable e-cigarettes and pod systems are both great options for beginners, but they may not give you the same satisfaction. We will help you decide which type of device is right for your needs.

How do vape pods compare to disposable vapes?

Vape Pods and Disposable Vapes Work Differently:

We must understand how disposable vapes and vape pods differ in order to compare them.

How do disposable vapes work?  You can use them right away after opening them. A fully charged battery and plenty of e-liquid are included in the package, so you can start vaping right away. Since disposable vapes can’t be refilled, their vape juice is all they’ll ever have. If the device’s vape juice is exhausted, you will need to replace the whole device.

On the other hand, pod vaping systems are rechargeable and refillable devices that require some setup before use. You will need to charge the battery first and fill the pods with vape juice before using a pod system. Your device needs to be recharged, refilled, and atomizer coils replaced when the flavor quality declines.

The two types of devices are completely different in the way they are owned and maintained. Disposable vapes make sense for beginners because of their convenience and ease of use. Let’s look at some other differences.

Vape Shops Tip: Always stock a hand-picked variety of disposable vapes in bulk, to help tobacco smokers to switch to vaping.

Vapers may find disposables to be more affordable:

It is important to note that disposable vapes have become significantly less expensive over the years. Initially, disposable e-cigarettes often cost more than two packs of cigarettes and lasted half as long. As disposable vapes were expensive, disposable kits weren’t as useful as an introductory kit for vaping without spending a lot.

Today, though, a disposable vape is often as powerful as several packs – or even a carton – of cigarettes. Using a disposable e-cigarette may be the least expensive way to vape depending on how often you vape and what flavor of e-liquid you prefer.

No recycling is needed for pods:

With disposable vapes, one of the biggest challenges is figuring out how to properly dispose of used devices. You shouldn’t dispose of disposable vapes in the trash because they are made from plastics and heavy metals, which can pollute the groundwater. It would be ideal if you brought your disposable vapes to a recycling facility that handles lithium-ion batteries. When you don’t live near an e-waste facility, a pod system is a more environmentally sustainable option.

It’s Easy to Change Flavors with Pod Systems:

Disposable vapes are available in a wide variety of flavors these days, which is one of the best things about them. Previously, this was not true. Back then, disposable vapes were usually available in tobacco or menthol flavors. To taste different flavors, you’d need to buy a refillable device.

Now, the scales have tipped ever so slightly the other way. The high demand for disposable vapes means manufacturers have an incentive to make them available in as many flavors as possible. And thanks to new automated production methods, they can do so without increasing the price. Many of the world’s most popular e-liquid manufacturers are now licensing their flavors to disposable vape device manufacturers. There are now dozens of disposable vapes available on the market instead of two.

Even so, disposable vapes can’t compete with the full range of flavors that you’ll get from buying bottled vape juice. While disposable vapes may come in dozens of variations, bottled e-liquids are available in hundreds of flavors. A refillable device will allow you to taste every flavor available in the world of e-cigarettes.

Nicotine intake can be easily controlled with a vaporizer:

In reality, disposable vapes aren’t competing against other vaping devices – they’re competing against tobacco cigarettes. The nicotine strength of disposable vapes is generally 5 mg/ml or 5 percent. The disposable vape delivers the same amount of nicotine per puff as a tobacco cigarette – making it as easy as possible to switch to vaping.

Those who switch to vaping, however, may want to reduce their nicotine intake – and disposable vapes leave you with few options. There are a few disposable vapes available in reduced strengths of 2.5 percent or 25 mg/ml. If you need to go even lower than that, you won’t have any options and will have to switch to a refillable device.

Using a refillable pod system, on the other hand, allows you to control your nicotine intake right from the start. You might not need either 50 mg/ml or 25 mg/ml of nicotine – maybe somewhere in between. It might be a good idea to reduce your nicotine intake even further than 25 mg/ml once you’ve 100% switched to vaping. That’s all possible with pod systems.

Disposable vapes are probably the easiest way to switch from smoking to vaping. The refillable device is probably the better option if you want to switch to vaping and cut your nicotine consumption at the same time.

Disposable vaporizers don’t bind you to a specific hardware brand:

During your vaping experience, you will discover that hardware can differ from one another very subtly. If your disposable vape uses a mesh coil, for instance, you might get bigger clouds, while if you use a standard coil, your disposables might last longer. Only experience can tell you these subtle differences.

There is a limit to the variety of experiences you can have with a refillable pod vaping system. It may come with a few different pods or coils to add variety, but the range of different replacement parts lets you use the device to its full potential. A new device made by another company is the only way to experience what it is like to use their products.

In contrast, disposable vapes don’t bind you to any single brand. If one device runs out of e-liquid, you can switch to another disposable vape. This allows you to explore the full spectrum of vaping technologies without being restricted to one brand or ecosystem.

Vape shops are advised to find the best vape wholesale distributor USA, and check the variety of disposable vapes they can provide you in bulk. This will help you save more on purchase costs, at the same time, you will be able to help hundreds of smokers to quit smoking.




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