Way to Write Product Descriptions to Grow Sales

Do you want to find out how to develop a product description that will increase your sales?(product features)

To be of assistance to you, we have compiled this comprehensive guide. In this section, you will find advice on writing product descriptions, the best examples available, and instances of typical errors to avoid.

How Crucial Is It to Have a Detailed Product Description?
The functions and capabilities of a product are broken down into bullet points in an eCommerce product description. The primary objective of writing a description of a product is to provide prospective buyers with sufficient information to sway their decision to make a purchase.

What percentage of internet buyers consider product descriptions to be very important? Very. Eighty-two percent of mobile buyers in the United States use product descriptions as part of their decision-making process. That is an unacceptable number of potential clients.

Two things are necessary in order to write brilliant product descriptions that convince buyers to make purchases:

Knowledge of the factors that influence their purchasing decisions
Abilities in writing that are at least passable
By appealing to the customers’ driving forces, having understanding of the customers helps to make the copy more engaging and enticing. In addition, you absolutely need to have strong writing skills in order to make it concise, well-organized, and simple to read.

Here Are Six Pointers on How to Write a Product Description
Take into consideration these writing techniques in order to write concise product descriptions that are centred on the needs of the consumer.

1. Apply the Formula of the 5Ws

When writing descriptions, it is usual practise to use a technique known as the 5W, which addresses the following five crucial elements: who, what, where, when, and why. The creation of a product description template is facilitated for many eCommerce writers by its use.

Following the 5W formula, we can proceed with the following steps in the writing process:(product features)

Who is the end customer that this product is designed for? If you have a good understanding of your target market, it will be simpler for you to describe features in terms of the benefits that those clients are seeking.
What are the product’s technical specs, exactly? These are the specifics of the product, including its features, materials, physical dimensions, and so on.

Where in the customer’s life might the product be utilised? Is the product designed to be utilised inside of a motor vehicle? Outdoors? Where are you?

When exactly is the best time for your customer to use this product? Is it only available during certain times of the year? Provide clients with instructions on how to use your product so that they can get the most out of their investment.

What makes this product superior than others on the market that are available? The inclusion of this information is voluntary but highly recommended since it allows online retailers to highlight the distinctive qualities that set their wares apart from those of their rivals.

The duration of each response varies according on the product. However, keep in mind that you should keep it succinct. The following points are presented once more for your convenience as a free sample product description template:

  • Who is the end customer that this product is designed for?
  • What are the product’s technical specs, exactly?
  • Where in the customer’s life might the product be utilised?
  • When exactly is the best time for your customer to use this product?
  • What makes this product superior than others on the market that are available?

Try to limit yourself to no more than two sentences for each point that you make. In this manner, reading will be simplified, which will result in increased opportunities to win over clients.

2. Describe the Advantages of the Product(product features)

The vast majority of consumers are not particularly interested in the attributes of the products they purchase. What matters to them is the benefit that they can derive from using the product.

When creating a description of a product, you should focus on a few key aspects. Then, you should ask yourself how this feature will improve the experience of using my product for the end user. The response will be of great assistance in developing an alluring description.

3. Relate a Narrative

Storytelling is an effective method for creating an engaging product overview because it captures the audience’s attention and enables them to visualise themselves using the product. When it comes to assisting people in getting to the point where they are ready to make a purchase, nothing carries more of an emotional impact than a good narrative.

How to incorporate a narrative into your product description:(product features)

  • Create an environment in which the product can provide an entertaining setting (like building a candy house or writing a song about octopus in the example above)
  • Get rid of the features and focus on how a consumer should feel after using the product.
  • Make use of language that is uncomplicated and natural and avoid using an excessive amount of technical detail.
  • Where do we even start? Consider coming up with some ideas for a typical ideal situation in which the consumer uses your product. It could serve as the impetus for the “scene” that is ideal for the creation of your novel.

4. Remember to keep it simple and succinct.(product features)

Customers won’t hang around for an extended period of time only to read a lengthy product description, so a good one should be brief. One strategy for maintaining brevity is to limit each advantage to a single sentence in the explanation.

As can be seen, they only outlined one advantage associated with each of the primary characteristics. A lengthy description was condensed into a manner that enabled it to be quickly scanned and read in its entirety.

5. To facilitate reading quickly, include bullet points.

You may save space and make the description easier to read by presenting the features and benefits of the product in a bulleted list format. Customers who are in a hurry absolutely require this in order to have an easier time researching products.

Write only one sentence per point in order to make the bullet points easier to scan. To prevent the list from becoming too large, limit each point to a maximum of ten points.

6. Please add a review from a customer.

The use of customer feedback in place of an above-the-fold product description is commonplace in the eCommerce industry. These reviews lend legitimacy to the business and build up the patrons’ trust.

Remember that reading customer reviews is not a substitute for reading product descriptions. Because they contribute to both eCommerce SEO and the education of customers, the descriptions are absolutely necessary. The reviews lend social verification to the description, which bolster its credibility.

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