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Website for Doctors: Having A Professional Website?

For doctors, creating a website to present their work can be a new way of attracting new patients and retaining old ones. In this article, you’ll see everything you can’t miss in having a professional medical website for doctors.

Is a website for doctors really necessary?

Many questions about a real need to have a website for doctors or not. The “being necessary” discussed here is not something to be applied as a general rule, as there are doctors who do not need to conquer an audience on the internet. Still, it is always good to have a website for doctors to consider your “space” on the internet to gather all the information about you.

Some doctors do not win many patients overnight because they are beginning their careers. That is where the internet appears as an excellent communication channel to win new patients.

According to research, more than 90% of people do research before buying a product or service. This means that, before seeing a doctor, they want to know what kind of professional he is. Suppose it is recommended to deal with your specific problems, if you have experience, a friendly, concerned and pleasant attitude, among other things. Unfortunately, few people enter a website and, without searching, make an appointment. It’s a long shot, ans risky. For this reason, it is worth investing in a professional website to demonstrate professionalism and captivate your audience.

What is your website profile?

A doctor’s website can be a landing page, or a complete one, depending on the professional’s preference.

A landing page, as the name implies, is a landing or landing page. It is a page with a specific purpose, usually focusing on conversion, such as filling out a contact form.

This type of page usually has a more accessible value, as it has less information, but it can be more suitable for when you are starting or when you want to put all your efforts into a specific task.

More comprehensive sites, on the other hand, contain more information and more pages about the doctor or clinic. This helps to add “value” to the doctor’s image. It is very interesting to use this page model when the objective is also to position the site in the first position on Google.

The importance of marketing

Using marketing techniques is important when creating your website for doctors. This tool makes the professional contact the patient or the patient find the site and become interested in the content, depending on the strategy used.

Several techniques can be used, such as:

-Content marketing is producing relevant content on the website. Something specific to your target audience, as a targeted approach, is much more efficient than something general.

-Call-to-action, that is, calls to action, are extremely necessary, as they invite the visitor to fill out a form, deliver their contact details, make an appointment with the professional, and so on.

-Copywriting is a writing technique with a more persuasive language that:

It makes the reader realize that the site can help him solve the problem.

-Use of images. Choose very assertively to convey the message you want to convey to them. The chosen images cannot be just any. It is necessary to choose images that characterize well what you want to convey in the text and are of good quality. When choosing an image, make sure it was taken from a free or paid “image bank,” which is free of copyright. You can use the images without running the risk of being sued for using them. The same unduly.

Clean design and speed

These two points are also very important when creating a website, especially a website designed to win over the public. First, you need to have a clean and intuitive design so that it is easy for any customer to find the content they want. Also, the site mustn’t be slow. Speed ​​is very important to reduce the chances that the visitor will give up on the site without even knowing your proposal and go to look for a competitor on the internet.

A speed solution that helps in many cases is obtained through internet programs or services. For free, there’s Google’s PageSpeed ​​Insights, which finds items that clutter the page and offers solutions to fix speed issues. You don’t have to pay anything, and it is quality.

Optimization for mobile devices

Optimizing for mobile devices is an implementation as important as the one in the previous topic.

This means that approximately 60% of users who access the internet do so through mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets, which is why one cannot ignore the number of customers lost by not optimizing a website for mobile devices.

Creating a specific design for mobile devices, a design different from the plan for computers is a differentiator that increases the chances of success.

To learn more information please visit

The importance of domain

Now that you’ve started to think about what a medical website has to have to be successful, you need to think about the many particularities of the website. First, it is important to consider the domain and the website address. The address needs to be simple and easy to remember, so even if it doesn’t appear in the first Google results, the customer can access it on a second visit to the site, as they will remember the name.

Content on the Site

Having a good medical website goes far beyond creation. It takes discipline to update it with some frequency, putting new content. Content that interests your audience, not technical or academic research terms. Your patient wants to solve their problems and not study them. A nice tip is to survey the main demands that your patients bring and write content about them.

WhatsApp on a medical website?

There is nothing better than making it as easy as possible for the patient to get in touch, and installing the WhatsApp button can be of great value to you.

In the past, the patient filled in the contact form on the website or sent an email, but nowadays, most of the time, the patient either calls or sends a message through WhatsApp. So nowadays, working using WhatsApp to communicate with patients is an up.

SEO – Website Optimization for Google

To position a website on Google, in addition to having excellent content as mentioned above, according to Google, there are more than 200 factors that weigh in the ranking of a website, among them: main website title, a well-made description, compact images, site loading speed, the site being a fast and reliable server, having links pointing to the site and having links pointing away from the site, for example.

Analyze your results

Finally, to know if you are doing everything correctly, it is important to use some tool to collect the results obtained with the online website. Several mechanisms help in this task; the best known is Google Analytics.

From there, it is possible to promote improvements in the entire structure of the site, adding, removing, or modifying content.

In these cases, you may need the help of someone specialized in Google Analytics if you are not so knowledgeable about the tool. The most important thing you should keep in mind when creating a website is to focus on results without abandoning the inherent features that the website has.

Seek help to develop your website

Creating and maintaining a medical website design can be quite complicated for one person to do alone. Thus, it is interesting that she seeks help from an agency specializing in the subject so that nothing goes wrong. Thus, it is possible to establish a secure, fast, and well-developed website to satisfy its customers’ needs.

Some of these cases excel by creating innovative websites that work very well. But most of the time, it doesn’t happen that way.

It’s not worth saving and creating a website that could negatively affect your image.


Having a successful website can take some work, but the results can be very rewarding. Furthermore, it is important to interact with the public, answer questions and thank them for praise, and even write articles anticipating the public’s doubts. Through all these points we present in this article, it is possible to create a fast quality website with a good reach and leader in the market.

If you liked the article, leave a comment, so we know what you think, and add the site to your favorites list. Here, you will find more texts like this to improve the quality of your website for doctors, making it expressly professional.

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