What is a clutch bag and with what gold and jewelry should we set it?

What is a clutch bag and with what gold and jewelry should we set it? Is this bag for women or can men use it too? What types and styles of this bag are set more? Can a clutch be used for informal occasions? We have answered all these questions in this article. Stay tuned to the Parasteh Gallery blog until the end.

What is a clutch bag?

Like many other names in the fashion world, the clutch bag includes a wide range of bags and is not just a specific model. But in general, small, flat bags that do not have straps or chains are called clutch bags. However, on some models, the clutch may have a strap or chain to hang from the shoulder. That is why we say that this modification does not include just one model, but the general concept of all models is the same: small, without extra space and just quality for inserting a bank card and being mobile.

In general, a clutch is an English word used to hold something firmly in the hand. For this reason, these bags that need to be held firmly are called clutches.

In recent years, the use of this has increased so much that you can find and buy different models of it in the form of squares, triangles, hearts, and with different fabrics and materials in the market. These bags are used for formal and informal occasions. Of course, for formal occasions, for example, high-quality materials such as leather or satin are suitable, and for other informal places, any material, design, and shape of this bag can be used.

Clutch application

The clutch is used to carry small and essential items such as bank cards, mobile phones, keys, or small items such as lipstick or checkbooks. Most of these items do not fit in these bags because flatness and small size are one of the main criteria for their design. The reason for this type of design is that the person can carry his essentials in a handbag in the lightest case without putting pressure on his shoulders, neck, or spine.

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Some models of these bags have many separate sections where you can store all kinds of cards, documents, and other important sheets. Men’s models of these bags are more regulated, but women’s models are more diverse and practical.

Perhaps it can be said that the main nature of clutches is their theatricality. This is why this type of bag is often used by celebrities, artists, and world stars at festivals and parties. Princess Diana, for example, often grabbed her passport bag in front of her collar to cover herself when she got out of the car. Or Kate Middleton is used to holding this bag model with both hands to look more stylish.

Types of clutch bags

There are different types of clutch bags, each of which can be used for different occasions and can be set with various clothes.

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