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What is Android App Bundle & Why to Use Them?

What’s the fuzz about android app bundle?

If you’re a startup company or a business currently operating on a small scale then developing a mobile app, especially for Android can be very advantageous for your business.

And android app bundle, which is google’s latest publishing format for android apps, becomes crucial to understand before you jump into android app development.

The Android App Bundle has become a compulsory mandate and a gold standard for publishing android apps on Google Play. It helps developers build fast-loading apps that can be released instantly.

In this blog, our main focus will be on what exactly is an android app bundle. And how you should go about developing a custom mobile app utilizing ‘.aab’.

So, let’s dive into what Android’s latest, official app distribution & publishing format is all about.

Before & After – Android App Bundle

  • In the past, developers have faced a lot of problems while developing independent instant apps. Previously the app builder had to keep two sets of codes for releasing two types of apps.
  • Google with its new android update will let Android app developers build instant apps with the help of app bundles.
  • This will significantly remove the issue of maintaining two sets of codes for instant apps and installed apps.
  • Subsequently, developers can enable to include an instant app and publish an installed app.
  • For Android app developers, it can be challenging to make apps with a faster user interface and for that reason, Google will allow developers to build small apps.
  • Android App Bundles is a new development format extension launched by Google.
  • It allows for reducing the file size by 35% which reduces the size of an app on mobile. This will reduce the download size by 6% and the app size on the device by 16%.
  • Many of the issues that we developers faced like building APKs to target different API versions, device types, and so on- are now passed on to Google Play.
  • From this day on, developers will be able to use Dynamic Delivery for creating optimized APKs that satisfy the requirements of users’ devices and delivers them at the runtime for installation.

What is Android App Bundle?

Android launched a new official publishing format called android app bundles (.aab), which offers a more efficient way to build and release your app. It also lets you efficiently deliver a great user experience in a small-sized app, this in turn also improves install success rate and reduces uninstallation rates.

Android App Bundles are Google recommended way of building, publishing, and distributing the application across different device configurations.

Benefits Of Having A Custom Mobile App

Let’s look into the benefits of the android app bundle now. Below I have mentioned multiple benefits of having or developing a custom android mobile app for your business using the ‘.aab’ android app bundle publishing format.

Size Reduction

Android app bundle helps in reducing a significant amount of application size. Application size affects phone storage as well as impacts the phone RAM. On average, developers witnessed a 20% size savings compared to APKs.

By visiting google play’s console report you can receive a new app size report. This report will help you figure out approximately to see how much your app could save.

Increased installations & decreased uninstallations

Apps having an increased size wouldn’t matter much if we had unlimited storage on our mobile devices. But, as we know, it’s not the case. As the size of an app increases the number of installations decreases!

As a ripple effect of size savings, the android app bundle will increase app installations. This also increased update rates and very fewer uninstallations.

Higher efficiency

Android app bundle development in android OS allows developers to build one all-inclusive collected code, resources, and native libraries.

So, there is no longer a need to build, sign, upload, and manage version codes for multiple APKs. Therefore, the overall efficiency is increased if you install an android app bundle on your device.

Faster downloads

Any app that you want can be efficiently tailored to each device by Google Play itself. This means the process of downloading and installing the app becomes faster overall. Plus, the added benefit of having fully customizable android applications.

Increased engineering velocity

The entire process of creating an app is accelerated. From building dynamic and independent modules to designing, testing, and releasing it.

With android app bundles, it tends to dump every resource into the bundle, rather than segregating them, like in the case of APKs.

Reduced manual effort

During the process of custom android app development, several manual efforts can be completely automated. After the development process is completed, its link is uploaded and shared on a specific Slack channel automatically. No manual intervention is required.

Dynamic delivery enabled

App bundles have introduced a new concept to us. A concept is known as dynamic delivery. One can deliver conditional features at the time of installation based on properties like device features, user’s country, or device’s version.

Users also get the facility to install features in an on-demand mode instead of the installation time. The user of the app can even uninstall the features they no longer need or bodrum escort dislike.

This will help the app users to personalize their experience as per their requirements. Especially when you do not want to increase the size of your app in the long term.

Further, this will allow us to make the initial size of our application smaller and then offer extra features only to the users who might make use of them.


The app’s growth and revenue solely depend on the output and features the app can produce for the users. The future has a lot to come for all of us and it is up to us to keep up with it. Without a doubt, I can tell you that the android app bundles are where the future lies. We can help you stay ahead in the game as we are an android app development company.

You can hire our Android developers to build modern, intuitive & optimized Android apps with exceptional user experience and user interfaces. We provide top-rated android app development services & Android app development services. Our company offers a complete range of custom app development services to help your business develop both custom native & hybrid apps for Android. Hire our custom android app developers for your next custom android app development project.

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