Which Total Gym Is Best for You?

How about a Total Gym? You’ve undoubtedly seen them at a friend’s house, at the Gym, or on television. You can do a wide range of exercises with a Total Gym since it combines weight plates, your body weight, gravity, & resistance bands into one unit.

There are several other weight machines out there. They employ pulley systems & inclines to provide a challenging exercise. But Total Gym is among the most well-known brands. Since it has been providing its customers with effective workouts for decades, in this post, we’ll show you the results of our comparison of all available Total Gym models. And tell you which one we think is the best.

Incorporate some physical activity throughout your day today.

Our Recommendations for the Best Total Gyms

  • CrossFit XLS Total Gym
  • GTS Total Gym
  • Body-In-Mind Fitness Center
  • Functional Fitness Equipment APEX G5 Total

CrossFit XLS Total Gym


  • Specs: 19 “x 90″ x 43”
  • A total of 82 pounds.
  • There’s a 400-pound weight cap.
  • Number of resistance levels: 6
  • 80+ Workouts

This Total Gym XLS combines aspects of both the commercial and home versions. XLS can support up to 400 pounds, which includes both the body weight and any weight plates you want to use. Folding the rails into a small package reduces the machine’s size by nearly half. You are making it possible to store it beneath a bed or within a closet.

There are more than 80 exercises available in the XLS. You may modify the amount of your body weight applied as resistance. And choose from six different levels of difficulty. You might opt to visit https://recommendat.com/ to find more information about the crossFit XLS total gym. The XLS is an excellent choice if you need a Total Gym that provides much resistance but doesn’t take up much space.

Various Things That Appeal to Us

  • 400-pound load limit
  • The ratio of body weight to resistance ranges from 0 to 54%
  • Over eighty distinct physical activities

Disliked Features

  • Due to the large variety of available strategies, mastery requires time and effort.
  • Some people may find the 82-pound weight to be too much to handle.

GTS Total Gym


  • 106″ x 38″ x 57″”
  • At a hefty 180 pounds, my weight is considered average.
  • The weight limit is 650 pounds.
  • 22 is the resistance level
  • You’ll surely get a good workout with over two hundred and fifty exercises.

Comparatively, this Total Gym GTS is indeed the heavy-duty variant for seasoned athletes. Who are ready to take their training to a higher level. The GTS can test even the most potent athletes because of its 650-pound weight limit.

This device collapses into a small, convenient package for stowing virtually any place. But at 180 pounds, it’s not exactly light to transport to and from a remote storage facility. However, it has the most workouts and other features. Such a squat position and a telescopic platform make it the best option for strength training.

Various Things That Appeal to Us

  • An extensive collection of almost 250 exercises.
  • A 650-pound capacity for strength training
  • Pilates and body weight activities may be performed on the integrated squat stand and platform.

Disliked Features

  • It’s a big machine.
  • Most giant model towers are capable of supporting loads and wires

Body-In-Mind Fitness Center


  • Size: 18.5 inches “x 93″ x 44.5”
  • Exact tally: 66 lb.
  • Weight limit of 450 pounds.
  • Levels of Opposition: 12
  • Completed Workouts: 85

This Total Gym FIT seems to be the most flexible option. It’s more significant than the XLS, but it’s lighter, can handle more weight, and provides twice as many resistance settings. The included Ab Crunch add-on allows you to work your abs in ways that aren’t possible with competing models.

The new comfortable glide board and the improved wing attachment are a nice touch. It allows you to work for different muscle groups from different angles. The Total Gym Fits is your best bet if you want the most options.

Various Things That Appeal to Us

  • Glide board with ergonomic design and added comfort features
  • Appendages for Wings
  • Accessories for squat stands and leg pulleys

Disliked Features

  • Low-profile foot-activated plate
  • The initial setup is reportedly complicated, according to some reviewers.

Functional Fitness Equipment APEX G5 Total


  • They are 43.25 cm × 93.25 cm x 17.5 cm.”
  • The total body mass is approximately 53.2 pounds.
  • There’s a 375-pound weight cap.
  • Ten on the resistance scale
  • 80+ Workouts

Use one of the Total Gym APEX machines to get the most out of your workout. The G5 is the biggest and most feature-rich of the APEX devices. There are more intensities of resistance, more ways to work out, and more padding for your noggin.

The G5 may be customized with a variety of attachments. Including a dip bar, wings for further mobility, and a leg pull for added resistance. The G5’s expanded functionality comes at the cost of a somewhat larger footprint. But does not detract from the device’s capacity for storage.

Various Things That Appeal to Us

  • Bracket for a dip bar
  • Plush padding
  • Machine-friendly weight-bar compatibility

Disliked Features

There are a lot of extras that aren’t included.

According to some reviews, embroidered nylon handles may not be as comfy as those on other versions.

The Total Gym is what?

Total Gym is a manufacturer of multi-function fitness equipment ideal for working out every muscle in your body. Total Gyms come in a variety of configurations. With some versions suited for home gyms and others for commercial and therapeutic settings. No matter whatever version you pick, though, the devices fold up neatly for storage.

Different levels of resistance may be achieved by adjusting the pulleys. Gliding technology and slope settings on a Total Gym. Which are in addition to the weight plates. Many exercises, some designed for a full-body workout. And others targeting specific muscle groups are available at each Total Gym.

What Kind of Total Gym Is Best for You?

The optimal Total Gym for you will depend on several things because Total Gyms employ a cable & pulley system. Stabilizing muscles must be vital to maintain your posture and prevent injury. Fitness objectives and available space are the other two primary considerations.

Aspirations in the Field of Physical Fitness

There are several variations of the Total Gym, each with its advantages and disadvantages for different users. However, the load capacity is one of the key distinctions. For those looking to bulk up, some versions can hold up to 650 pounds, and others can only handle 300 pounds.

Room for Use

Although every Total Gym is designed to be as space-efficient as possible, specific models are noticeably more significant than others, both when used and folded up. Suppose you do not have a specific area set aside for fitness equipment. You’ll want to be sure the Total Gym will fit in your home.

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