Why Bongs & Pipes By Vape Shop Vancouver Is The Best Fit For You?

Vaping has gradually replaced cigarette smoking over the past years. Many vape shops in Vancouver offer online services to their customers. Vape delivery Vancouver supplies products to thousands of customers who opt for electric cigarettes. Vaping is equally dangerous as cigarette smoking. However, people prefer it due to its lower side effects. For instance, it contains a range of filters to filter nicotine. The final product contains far less nicotine than a regular cigarette. The presence of fewer dangerous chemicals makes it a healthier alternative than traditional smoking.

The availability of flavors and a range of smoking devices instantly attain customers’ attention. Bongs & pipes are two of the popular vaping devices available in the market. Each is popular among the public for different reasons. Therefore, Vape Shop Vancouver offers a range of Bongs & Pipes on its website for its customers to make a quick purchase. Before checking out the extensive variety offered by Vape delivery Vancouver, let’s have a quick look at the features of bongs and pipes.

Pipes Vs Bongs

Pipes and bongs do come with their basic definitions. However, they are a lot more diverse when studied in depth. Pipes are made up of ceramic, wood, metal, etc. Dry pipes are featured as a long-curved tube with a bowl at one end. They contain no filter membrane, thus resulting in a more robust flavor. Its smaller size makes it easier to carry and clean.

Compared to pipes, the bong is a relatively newer vaping device. It comes in wood, metal, clay, or silicone. It contains a bottle along with a small tube fitted with it. Bongs are giant as compared to pipes. They are very fragile and are also difficult to clean. Therefore, they are less practical to use during longer journeys. Dry bongs are also available in the market. As the name suggests, they contain no water filter, which results in a harsh flavor.

Vape Smoking Material

A water filter in the bong helps to remove hazardous substances from the smoking material. The filter works by allowing the smoke passage through the water to cool its intensity while filtering it. The other names for water filters include water tobacco pipes, gravity bongs, liquid-filled glass pipes, water hand pipes, etc.

When it comes to bongs & pipes, people also prefer bubblers. Bubbler lies somewhere between bongs and pipes in terms of functionality. It resembles pipes in its appearance due to its small size, bowl, and ease of portability. Instead of a removable water filter, it contains a fixed filter that cannot be removed and cleaned. The intensity of smoke coming out of the bubbler is quite similar to that of the bong.

Now, the ball is in your court. Are you looking for a portable device with a comfortable usage experience? Or do you prefer a filtered flavor with a mild taste? The preference is yours.

Bong Shapes & Types

Manufacturers have introduced a variety of shapes and designs in bongs. Bongs have undergone many transformations ranging from straight tubes to zigzag tubes, round bases to conical bases. Here we have gathered some of the most common and frequently sold bong types.

  • Straight Tube Bong: It is the most primitive and basic bong type with zero complexities. It is a perfect choice for beginners due to its ease of use and easier cleaning process.
  • Zig Zag Bong: The zigzag design gives it a flaunting look. The design also acts as a splash guard preventing water entry into the mouth. It is convenient for people looking for lesser hassle and a smooth smoking experience.
  • Beaker & Round Base Bong: Looking much like a piece of scientific equipment, such bongs carry a unique statement. The broader conical base of beaker styled bong adds more stability to the product. Rounder ones are difficult to handle due to their spherical nature. However, their functionality is no different from a regular bong.

Pipes Shapes & Types

Pipes come in endless varieties and shapes. The list is endless, ranging from billiard, apple, bent to bulldog, Dublin, and prince. We have brought here the most favorite ones in the market.

  • Kamry K-1000 Retro E-Pipe
  • EPuffer 629X Electronic Vape Pipe Kit
  • EPuffer Hybrid 609 E-Pipe Kit
  • Vape only VPipe III Ebony Edition
  • Joyetech Elitar Pipe

One interesting tidbit of the pipe will leave you surprised. The prince pipe is named after the Prince of Wales, which gives it a peculiar place in the vaping market.

Bongs Range Offered By Vape Shop Vancouver

Vape Shop Vancouver offers a range of bongs with various shapes and designs. They come in the price range of $34-$109. All the products are manufactured with high-quality glass. The presence of side pipes makes it convenient to inhale smoke. Products carry different patterns to fit the needs of different types of audiences. Some of the top sellers include;

  1. Curled Up
  2. Dia de Los Muertos
  3. Golden Tree
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Leaves
  6. Louis Vuitton
  7. Strawberry

Pipes Range Offered By Vape Shop Vancouver

The product range of pipes by Vape delivery Vancouver is comparatively cheaper. It comes in the price range of $0-$21. Vape Shop Vancouver offers a variety of pipes in attractive packaging and colors. The portable size and ease of use make it an attractive choice for the customers. Some of the top sellers include;

  1. Dark Teal Pipe
  2. Nighttime Blue Pipe
  3. Pastel Green Pipe
  4. Pink Pipe Pastel
  5. Violet Pipe Pastel
  6. Translucent Gray Pipe
  7. Translucent Neon Green Pipe
  8. Red Purple Pipe Translucent
  9. Yellow Pipe Translucent
  10. White Pipe
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