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Why do we need to connect with the Universe?

What is the Universe – Quantum Field

The cosmos consisting of galaxies, stars, planets, space and all other forms of matter and energy is called the Universe. Since all matter is energy, it means that the Universe is simply an abundance of energy.

According to quantum physics, a quantum is an indivisible unit of something and everything is made up of quantized fields. The fundamental building blocks of all matter and energy, that is, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, and photons, etc., are not particles but bundles of field energy.

The entire Universe is made up of different types of quantized fields that are unified into a single quantum field. Therefore, the Universe, including the earth, is nothing more than a quantum field. In a quantum field, reality can exist in infinitely possible states. Thus, the Universe is a field of infinite possibilities.

Why do we need to connect with the Universe?

Since the Universe is a field of abundant energy that has infinite potential and possibilities, being part of it, we also inherit this power from the Universe.

But the problem is that we do not remember this inheritance and also the fact that we are already connected to the Universe by default. We consider ourselves separate from the Universe or the Quantum Field. Our ego (the sense of “I”) has created the sense of individuality that limits us and makes us believe that we are a separate entity from the Quantum Field.

However, if we overcome this obstacle, by remembering our connection to the Universe, we can realize our forgotten potential, and then all we need to create the life we ​​want is to tap into this abundant resource. Beyond material needs, our health and well-being, including feelings of peace, love, and joy, can become everyday experiences.

How to connect with the universe

We can manifest the life we ​​want if we align and tune in with the frequency and vibration of the Universe and tap into the field of infinite possibilities. When you remove any fear, you will begin to align with the Universe.

We can connect to the Universe using the principle of coherence. Coherence essentially implies the logical, orderly and consistent relationship of the parts. According to physics, in a state of coherence, there is complete synchronization between the parts.

Since we are part of the Universe, the way to connect with the Universe is by increasing our coherence with the Universe. There are various ways we can use to align the frequency and vibrations of our body, mind and heart with the frequency and vibrations of the Universe to create synchronicity. When you are “in sync”, you can “entangle” yourself with the quantum field.

Power of Belief

We also have to believe in the power of belief. According to Bruce H. Lipton, author of “The Biology of Belief,” there is a link between mind and matter, and every cell in your body is affected by your thoughts. What you believe affects your mind and body and they begin to perceive it as a reality. And if you are successful in synchronizing with the Quantum Field, you manifest that reality.

I have prepared a life assessment survey to help you learn to tune into the quantum field.

If you believe that you are not connected to the Earth and the Quantum Field, then your belief system will not be able to vibrate at the frequency of connection. So, you must believe that there is a connection and that you cannot be separate from the Earth and the Universe. Once you begin to believe, you come into alignment of vibration and frequency of the Quantum Field.

Step Manifestation Equation to Connect with the Universe

These are the eight sequential steps that you must follow to connect with the Quantum Field of infinite possibilities according to my personal experience.

1. Sit quietly

It’s about entering the present. Sit feeling grounded with your feet on the ground. Pay attention to your breathing as you breathe slowly at a natural rate. You can also use Lovetuner to get to the here and now. It is a mindfulness tool that will align you with the frequency of 528 Hz, which is also known as the frequency of love. Lovetuner helps reduce anxiety and stress levels as well as giving you more peace and awareness.

2. Synchronize with the heart

As you feel the body, listen to your heartbeat. You have to be consistent with your heart. You can try HeartMath’s “rapid coherence technique,” which is all about releasing distress and bringing more coherence to your heart rhythms. The synchronization with the heart is the point of connection with the Quantum Field.

3. Listen to the inner voice

Sitting comfortably, breathing in coherence with your heart, and with a calmer mind, you begin to connect with the Quantum Field.



Manifesting and creating the life you want is not only about the ‘Law of Attraction’ or popularly known as LOA. There’s more to it. In my blog, Quantum Wealth: The bottom line approach to Life Transformation, you will get key insights to create the life you are meant to live.

Use your genius mind, eloquent body, and powerful heart to connect to the Quantum Field and manifest the life you want.

If you use my Genius Manifestation Equation, good things and coincidences start happening when you’re in synchronization with the Quantum Field.

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