Working In A Cubicle Call Center: What It’s Like

Working in an office environment can be great, but not all offices are created equal. If you’re working in a cubicle call center, the workday can be even less fun than it seems from the outside looking in. Here’s what it’s like to work in a cubicle call center and why you may want to look elsewhere if this isn’t the kind of job that you want to do long-term.

How Does A Typical Day Start?

To be honest, it is probably going to start very differently for each person. But usually, if the shift starts at 10 AM, you’ll need to come into work fifteen minutes early so that your manager can walk you through your tasks and get you situated on your first call. If the shift starts at noon, then it is likely that they will just tell you what to do when they hand you over to one of the supervisors. From there, things will proceed normally. You’ll have conversations with people and try to help them resolve their problems by listening as best as possible and trying to put yourself in their shoes with empathy. 

Alongside this, there are other tasks such as data entry that need attention too. Occasionally, you might also find yourself walking around the office to collect information from people in person or by phone. In general, most of your time is spent sitting down while talking on the phone, but sometimes you might find yourself jumping up and running around between cubicles depending on how many calls need to be answered at once.

How Does A Typical Day Go For You?

Typically my morning starts by going to one of the cubicles that are arranged on each side of the room. I sit down and I log into my workstation, then open up my email. From there, it is just taking calls until lunchtime rolls around. After lunch, we’re back on the phones for another few hours before it’s time to clock out. As I’m packing up my things at the end of the day, I see all these other people who have been stuck at their workstations all day too.

We’ll make eye contact with each other and it feels like they know what you’re thinking but no words are spoken. You go home feeling exhausted and annoyed. You don’t want to do this again tomorrow because it’s the same thing over and over again. Your mind is fried from trying to come up with new ideas about how you can be more productive when all the information is always the same. Sometimes, your thoughts will turn to how your life would be if you weren’t working in a call center.

All those great memories from vacations or weekends spent relaxing just seem so far away from now. Your life has become reduced to sitting in front of a computer screen and making phone calls; There’s nothing else left for you here.

How Do You Socialize With Coworkers?

That is the question my manager asked me when I first started working in call centers. The call center I work at has workstation cubicles that only allow for one person to be in them at a time. That doesn’t mean we can’t interact with our coworkers, but it limits us when they come up to our cube. When someone wants to chat, they will come up and talk while they are at their desk. For the most part, when you are on the phone, your coworker will be on the phone or working as well.

There are other times when there is more activity around the office. If you have finished a call, there may be another colleague waiting outside of your cubicle with an I need help look on their face. They may need assistance completing something or maybe just need help answering a question that just came up during their call. You can also grab lunch together if you happen to both take breaks at the same time which leads to talking about what happened this weekend and what we might do next weekend.

What Are Your Career Aspirations?

If you’re considering being a cubicle call center agent, ask yourself if it’s the type of job you can do with total dedication. Being on your feet all day might sound easier, but as an agent, you will often be on the phone for long periods and could face a heavy workload at times. If being stuck inside at a desk for hours on end doesn’t bother you, this is one way to go into customer service from home.

And, as with any office environment, knowing how to use office equipment correctly is important. Know that where cubicles are concerned there may not be too much privacy so make sure to work in an area that suits your needs best. Most agents prefer being near windows or doors because they feel like. They have some semblance of fresh air even though it’s just coming from an open window somewhere else in the building.

What Would You Tell Someone Who Wants To Be In This Industry?

The goal of every call center is to provide the best service possible. Here at Company XYZ, we offer many different workstation cubicles. This allows our employees to have privacy and enough space for their work. They can personalize their cubicle to match their style and personality. While working here, we try to ensure our employees are both comfortable and content in what they do each day. For example, if someone needs a break, they may go out into one of the lounge areas. And find some snacks or get something to drink. We want them to feel refreshed when they return so that they can continue providing excellent customer service! What is it like to work in a call center?

A typical day starts with an initial meeting where you get your tasks. For the day and put on your headset. After that, you start calling customers who need help with their account issues. Some people might be more polite than others during this process. However, as long as you remain calm and composed. Then you should be able to assist anyone who contacts us with any problems.

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